"The WPA instructor should be commended on the way he worked with a very diverse group of educators who have very different backgrounds, immediate interests and needs."

— David Ure, AEA7 Cedar Falls, SV-101 & SV-103 Student

"Initially I was apprehensive about the whole "On-Line Learning" process with not having direct access to the teacher and not being there in person. But, I found the experience quite rewarding. The instructor was great. He processed the material in a timely fashion, neither too fast or too slow, and was always willing to answer questions and to tell us about his own personal working experiences to help get his point across. I was amazed at how little I actually knew about the tool and how powerful a tool it really is. I am looking forward to putting my learning experience to the test to help us improve our networks."

— Tracy Armstrong, Bell Canada - SV-101 Student

"Of all the material I have found on 802.11, this course and material are the most comprehensive and understandable. I recommend all 802.11 Systems Engineers take this course."

— Mark Mason, Systems Engineer, Datavision

"The instructor did an excellent job of teaching everyone how to use all of this data they just found. It really helped bringing it all together even for someone who has been using a protocol analyzer for a while."

— Michael LaVallee, Reed Business Information

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the subject matter interesting. I liked the hands-on section activities, which walked us through real-world examples. The course not only provided in depth knowledge about the EtherPeek/Omnipeek tools, but also served as a networking class at the same time".

— Phillip Hartley, MSRC (Marine Spill Response Corporation)
SV-101 and SV-201 Student

"This class absolutely opened up a whole new world of technology to study, work on and use in my day-to-day job functions."

— Jeff Nylund, Systems Engineer, Grand Rapids State Bank

"My experience with the training through Savvius was outstanding. The facility and the location were wonderful and provided me with the ability to be dedicated to the class. Being in IT I think anyone can relate that it is the special touches like fresh hot coffee all day and snacks on standby for when you need that extra jolt of awareness that make a difference. The classes went at the pace of the studentís level of knowledge and the exchange of information was very beneficial. I walked away from my class with a renewed enthusiasm for network analysis and a decent size list of things to do with my new found skills."

— Lauren Ramirez, Network Engineer, Mitsubishi Electronic Automation
SV-101 and SV-201 Student

"I have attended many vendor classes in the past and can honestly state I have not gotten more for my time and money than with WP101 and WP103. These classes lay a sound foundation and in depth look at the world of data packets. From wire to Protocol stack there is no finer product, nor value for your time than knowing the power and information available through EtherPeek. My salute to the course development people and technical staff who put not only their expertise into this but also their 'real world' knowledge of problem solving."

— Bob Inpyn, Team Member, Team One Networking

"An enthusiastic and enjoyable class. The technical ability of the instructors and attendees was much appreciated, and valuable information was presented."

— Thomas Roberts, Information Security Analyst, Bowling Green State University

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