OmniPeek 9.1
OmniPeek 9.1
OmniPeek 9.1

Savvius builds software and hardware products for network and security professionals. Maintaining and troubleshooting networks requires great tools.

Savvius's mission is to build those tools, and to apply the resulting networking expertise to cybersecurity investigations as well. Common to everything Savvius does is a focus on providing useful insight built on a deep understanding of networks from packets through applications.

Savvius builds software and hardware products for network and security professionals.

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Savvius products are essential for anyone responsible for networks or for investigating security events.

From Omnipliance capture appliances that can ingest and store network traffic at up to 20 Gbps for monitoring, forensics, and troubleshooting, to Omnipliance WiFi for monitoring and troubleshooting WLANs, including 802.11ac networks with 100s of access points, to OmniPeek software, for understanding and investigating networks, Savvius has products for every network professional. Now, introducing Savvius Vigil for intelligently storing weeks and months of network packets useful to security investigations.

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The Value of the Packet | Jay Botelho

Savvius’s own Director of Product Management, Jay Botelho, is a regular contributor to Network Computing magazine. His latest article discusses the importance of packet data for security investigations and troubleshooting. Remember, packets never lie, so it’s up to IT pros to ask them the right questions.   The Value of the Packet By Jay Botelho "Networks are complex, and always changing. Trying to troubleshoot them – or find the cause of a breach – can be a huge undertaking, but this task can be made much easier if packet data is available. You can learn a tremendous amount from a single data packet. Just from the header you can determine who the sender and receiver are, the gener...
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