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What Security Professionals Can Learn From The Network Team

Alerts spike from your IDS/IPS and you need data now to determine what is going on. You start a frantic search for disparate sources of data, like logs and end point information, because itís the best data thatís available from your security tools. But what if the data you really need, a complete recording of all the network data, is just a few cubes, or a server room, away?

Network data is the most valuable information when it comes to security incident analysis, and odds are the network team is already collecting that valuable data. Thatís why itís important for any security team to have a close working relationship with the network team. They can help get the data that security professionals need to reduce the likelihood, or the impact, of a breach.

Jay Botelho, Director of Product Management at Savvius, will demonstrate the value when security teams and network teams work together to provide a secure network.

This 30-minute webinar will cover:

  • How to quickly identify the data you need
  • How to get that network data from the network team
  • How to analyze the data to unequivocally determine if a breach is ongoing, or has happened

Speaker: Jay Botelho

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