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Using Multi-Segment Analysis to Troubleshoot Distributed Networks

With distributed application architectures, multiple network links must be analyzed to get the full picture and to isolate not only the issue but whether itís the application or the network. Multi-Segment Analysis (MSA) provides a solution for IT professionals to get necessary data from these multiple network links in order to troubleshoot network and application issues, and if itís the network, which link the issue is occurring on.

Chris Bloom, Savvius Technology Evangelist, will discuss why Multi-Segment Analysis can be your starting point for measuring latency on your network links and how Savvius Insight can provide valuable visibility into remote office networks.

This 30-minute webinar will cover:

  • What is Multi-Segment Analysis
  • How does Multi-Segment Analysis work
  • What is the right product for each network segment
  • A demonstration of Multi-Segment Analysis

Speaker: Chris Bloom

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