Ethertypes Networking Glossary


The Ethertype Identifier

The Ethertype value appears following the Source Address field in a Version 2 Ethernet frame. This value also appears as the Type field in a Sub-Network Access Protocol (SNAP) header in SAP "AA" in Logical Link Control / 802.2. (The compendium contains discussions of Version 2 Ethernet and Logical Link Control.)The purpose for the Ethertype is to provide an identifier whereby the communications software can differentiate between various types of protocols. A different protocol handler is used for different function, and the Ethertype identifies the frame as belonging to one or another protocol family.

Ethertype Listing

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Value   Description
0000-05DC   IEEE 802.3 Length Fields
0101-01FF   Experimental (for development) -- Conflicts with 802.3 Length Fields
0200   Xerox PUP -- Conflicts with 802.3 Length Field
0201   PUP Address Translation -- Conflicts with 802.3 Length Fields
0600   Xerox XNS IDP
0800   DOD IP
0801   X.75 Internet
0802   NBS Internet
0803   ECMA Internet
0804   CHAOSnet
0805   X.25 Level 3
0806   ARP (for IP and CHAOS)
0807   Xerox XNS Compatibility
081C   Symbolics Private
0888-088A   Xyplex
0900   Ungermann-Bass network debugger
0A00   Xerox 802.3 PUP
0A01   Xerox 802.3 PUP Address Translation
0A02   Xerox PUP CAL Protocol (unused)
0BAD   Banyan Systems, Inc.


Value   Description
1000   Berkeley Trailer negotiation
1001-100F   Berkeley Trailer encapsulation for IP
1066   VALIS Systems
1600   VALID Systems
3C01-3C0D   3Com Corporation
3C10-3C14   3Com Corporation
4242   PCS Basic Block Protocol
5208   BBN Simnet Private


Value   Description
6000   DEC Unassigned
6001   DEC MOP Dump/Load Assistance
6002   DEC MOP Remote Console
6003   DEC DECnet Phase IV
6004   DEC LAT
6005   DEC DECnet Diagnostic Protocol: DECnet Customer Use
6007   DEC DECnet LAVC
6008   DEC Amber
6009   DEC MUMPS
6010-6014   3Com Corporation


Value   Description
7000   Ungermann-Bass download
7001   Ungermann-Bass NIU
7002   Ungermann-Bass diagnostic/loopback
7007   OS/9 Microware
7020-7028   LRT (England)
7030   Proteon
7034   Cabletron


Value   Description
8003   Cronus VLN
8004   Cronus Direct
8005   HP Probe protocol
8006   Nestar
8008   AT&T
8010   Excelan
8013   SGI diagnostic type (obsolete)
8014   SGI network games (obsolete)
8015   SGI reserved type (obsolete)
8016   SGI "bounce server" (obsolete)
8019   Apollo
802E   Tymshare
802F   Tigan, Inc.
8035   Reverse ARP (RARP)
8036   Aeonic Systems
8038   DEC LANBridge
8039   DEC DSM
803A   DEC Aragon
803D   DEC Ethernet CSMA/CD Encryption Protocol
803E   DEC DNA
803F   DEC LAN Traffic Monitor
8040   DEC NetBIOS
8041   DEC MS/DOS
8042   DEC Unassigned
8044   Planning Research Corporation
8046   AT&T
8047   AT&T
8049   ExperData (France)
805B   VMTP (Versatile Message Transaction Protocol, RFC-1045, Stanford)
805C   Stanford V Kernel production, Version 6.0
805D   Evans & Sutherland
8060   Little Machines
8062   Counterpoint Computers
8065   University of Massachusetts, Amherst
8066   University of Massachusetts, Amherst
8067   Veeco Integrated Automation
8068   General Dynamics
8069   AT&T
806A   Autophon (Switzerland)
806C   ComDesign
806D   Compugraphic Corporation
806E-8077   Landmark Graphics Corporation
807A   Matra (France)
807B   Dansk Data Elektronic A/S (Denmark)
807C   Merit Intermodal
807D   VitaLink Communications
807E   VitaLink Communications
807F   VitaLink Communications
8080   VitaLink Communications bridge
8081   Counterpoint Computers
8082   Counterpoint Computers
8083   Counterpoint Computers
8088   Xyplex
8089   Xyplex
808A   Xyplex
809B   AppleTalk and Kinetics Appletalk over Ethernet
809C   Datability
809D   Datability
809E   Datability
809F   Spider Systems, Ltd. (England)
80A3   Nixdorf Computer (West Germany)
80A4-80B3   Siemens Gammasonics, Inc.
80C0   Digital Communication Associates
80C1   Digital Communication Associates
80C2   Digital Communication Associates
80C3   Digital Communication Associates
80C6   Pacer Software
80C7   Applitek Corporation
80C8-80CC   Integraph Corporation
80CD   Harris Corporation
80CE   Harris Corporation
80CF-80D2   Taylor Inst.
80D3   Rosemount Corporation
80D4   Rosemount Corporation
80D5   IBM SNA Services over Ethernet
80DD   Varian Associates
80DE   Integrated Solutions TRFS (Transparent Remote File System)
80DF   Integrated Solutions
80E0-80E3   Allen-Bradley
80E4-80F0   Datability
80F2   Retix
80F3   Kinetics, AppleTalk ARP (AARP)
80F4   Kinetics
80F5   Kinetics
80F7   Apollo Computer
80FF-8103   Wellfleet Communications
8107   Symbolics Private
8108   Symbolics Private
8109   Symbolics Private
8130   Waterloo Microsystems
8131   VG Laboratory Systems
8137   Novell (old) NetWare IPX
8138   Novell
8139-813D   KTI


Value   Description
9000   Loopback (Conifguration Test Protocol)
9001   Bridge Communications XNS Systems Management
9002   Bridge Communications TCP/IP Systems Management
9003   Bridge Communications
FF00   BBN VITAL LANBridge cache wakeup
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