Enterprise and data center networks are facing increasingly sophisticated attacks, making cyber security top of mind. Security analysts need tools that not only detect attacks, but provide critical information around the nature of the attack. Cisco Firepower’s intrusion detection technology, powered by Snort, does just that. Snort, however has limitations. Analysts often want more than just a single packet of data that Snort provides. With Savvius Vigil, Cisco Firepower users gain the ability to retain critical network data from both before and after any detected attack, giving analysts all the information needed to keep their networks secure.

Nadeem Zahid from Savvius and Doug Hurd from Cisco will discuss:

  • What threatens your networks and the potential costs of those threats
  • Why automating the collection of relevant network data is important to security investigations
  • How the Cisco and Savvius combine to provide a complete security solution

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