Visibility by Design for APM/NPM

(Duration 21:36)
With the spine leaf architecture and increased virtualization in the data center/private cloud, network architects and CIOs are challenged with how to scale the visibility cost effectively.

NPMD Requires the Four Golden Signals of Network Health

By utilizing the four Golden Signals of latency, traffic, errors, and saturation on all network traffic in real time, the IT team can achieve unparalleled visibility into the performance of the network and quickly gain the information they need to solve problems and maintain reliability.

Leading the Network Together

Savvius believes the market potential can be multiplied through close, long-term partnerships with solution providers and technology partners, to create a true ecosystem of opportunities.

Why Become a Savvius Partner

We are committed to working with the Channel to deepen our current customer relationships and bring quality products and solutions to datacenters in the enterprise who rely on partners to deliver solutions on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model.

This Week in Enterprise Tech 256: Savvius: The Network Knows

(Duration 26:00) Jay Botelho talks about the future of network monitoring and the type of data NetOps teams need today. Recognizing that NetFlow (introduced in 1997) no longer provides the necessary visibility, Jay discusses what teams need today for effective network monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Multi-Segment Analysis Demo

(Duration: 15:00)
This 15-minute demo will show you how quickly you can pinpoint which network segments are experiencing latency using the MSA feature in Savvius Omnipeek.

Establishing Remote Network Visibility no form

(Duration 14:04)
With the bulk of corporate budgets being spent at the datacenter, most IT people and their monitoring and security solutions are deployed in a datacenter or at corporate headquarters, leaving little if any visibility out to the edges of the distributed network.