How to Use Savvius Insight

(Duration: 23:51)
Savvius Insight enables IT professionals responsible for 1G networks in SMBs and remote enterprise offices to visualize, detect, pinpoint, diagnose, and manage network issues. Chris Bloom presents a comprehensive look at the Insight workflow.

Automating Incident Response

The bad guys are winning! There are more of them, they are evolving faster than ever, and their weapons are highly automated. Enterprises that don’t respond well are inviting effective attacks.

Reducing Health Care Risk with Network Security Analytics

Criminals are successfully targeting patient information held by healthcare organizations, fueling growth in identity theft. Network Security Analytics is a promising new approach to finding and stopping these attackers before they can obtain patient data.

Ensuring High-Quality Unified Communications

(Duration: 35:57) In this webinar, Jay Botelho, Director of Products at Savvius, will discuss solutions that support high-quality unified communications and take an in-depth look at network troubleshooting techniques.

Omnipeek Remote Assistant

Omnipeek® Remote Assistant (ORA) is a small tool included with every license of Omnipeek Enterprise.

On-Premises Visibility vs. Visibility-as-a-Service

(Duration: 28:33) In this webinar, Nadeem Zahid, Sr. Director of Business Development at Savvius, and John Delfeld, Vice President of Business Development at Ixia, will discuss different models for deploying visibility solutions and services.