Savvius Insight is a compact, quad-core, six-port, mini network appliance that has no fan or other moving parts, and fits easily into a wiring closet. It includes bridge ports for monitoring the location’s Internet connection, and three additional ports for monitoring internal networks. Works with network speeds of up to 850 Mbps.

Savvius Insight provides built-in long-term reporting and web-based dashboards for analyzing and displaying network statistics over long periods. Savvius Insight can also be used for packet level network and application troubleshooting by connecting directly to it with Savvius Omnipeek. By installing Savvius Insight in each remote location, network administrators can easily and affordably gain insight into the performance and security of the network and applications at all locations under management. Savvius Insight makes enterprise-class network analytics available in areas that have been under-served until now.