VoIP Solutions

VoIP dramatically increases the pressure on network engineers to resolve problems quickly. Users who might tolerate slow performance from a business application will have no patience for garbled or interrupted phone calls.

VoIP Solutions

Most VoIP monitoring and troubleshooting products are hardware-based, proprietary, expensive, and too bulky to be portable. Cumbersome, hardware-based solutions increase the expense of VoIP deployments and make it difficult for engineers to diagnose problems on site.

Omnipeek VoIP Dashboard

Savvius network analysis solutions combine traditional network analysis with in-depth VoIP analysis so IT engineers can quickly understand protocol interactions and troubleshoot VoIP problems more quickly than ever before.

Without requiring expensive voice processing hardware, Omnipeek Enterprise monitors and analyzes open calls, providing unsurpassed insight into VoIP deployments for monitoring, benchmarking, and troubleshooting.

At a glance, engineers can see:

  • In-depth analysis of latency, throughput, and numerous network problems in a conversation-centered display
  • The order in which VoIP conversations were captured, with caller, callee, and end cause information, as well as comprehensive signaling analysis of SIP, Cisco Skinny, MEGACO, and other standard protocols.
  • Call set-up mechanisms, measuring call setup durations and providing a Call Detail Record (CDR) for each open call.
  • Verification of call quality, including the use of R-Factor and MOS scores, using the same tool deployed for overall network analysis and monitoring.
Omnipeek Software
Video Over IP

The solution enables engineers to monitor network activity for compliance with established network policies and to accelerate the resolutions of any potentially disruptive problems with VoIP.

Savvius Omnipeek Enterprise is the only network analyzer providing such a comprehensive real-time view of the network--Ethernet, Wireless, 10GbE, Gigabit, WAN, and Voice and Video over IP diagnostics—all in a single solution.

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