If you are responsible for network performance, you need a complete network investigation solution. Savvius Spotlight provides actionable network transaction-based monitoring, rapid root-cause analysis, and integrated packet-level forensics, unlike legacy solutions that provide analytics that are too slow, not actionable enough, or too cumbersome to generate. Savvius Spotlight is network performance investigations reimagined.

For the first time, IT professionals can:


For the first time, IT professionals can:

  • Proactively display worst-ranked transactions from network-wide down to an individual server
  • Navigate fluidly in real time up to 20 Gbps of network traffic
  • Set alert thresholds by characteristic and by network segment
  • Get instant visibility into traffic to or from any IP address
  • View worst network transactions by all or individual metrics, transaction counts, and transaction list on browser-based interface
  • Actively monitor real-time security issues, like suspicious FTP traffic
  • Intuitively map and navigate your network

Available Options


Available Options

  • Savvius Omnipliance T300, M200, and C100 can be upgraded to an Omnipliance Ultra which includes the Savvius Spotlight technology
  • The Savvius Spotlight technology is also available on a standalone 1U appliance

Featured Video: Introducing Savvius Spotlight

For the first time network professionals will be able to proactively display worst-ranked interactions from network-wide down to an individual server and navigate fluidly in real time up to 20 Gbps of network traffic.



  • On-Demand Webinar: A New Approach to Network Dashboards

    (Duration: 29:00) In this webinar, Jay Botelho, will present powerful alternatives to the “me too” dashboards we find all to often in today’s network management products.

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  • Solution Brief: Savvius Spotlight: Network performance investigations reimagined

    As networks get faster, workflows get slower. Traditional network monitoring products only tell you where to begin an investigation, not how to complete it. As an IT professional, you need to go from a broad view of your network to a pinpoint view of any traffic anywhere in mere seconds, drill into the associated packets, and view long-term baselines.

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  • White Paper: Savvius Spotlight: Shedding Light on Enterprise Networks

    ESG Analyst reports, “Savvius’ approach with Spotlight provides actionable insights via a modern approach that is not encumbered by the limitations of the past, and that enables modern infrastructure management teams to be effective and efficient.”

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Our Customers

The KPN technical support team has been likened to a network fire department. KPN relies on Savvius Omnipliance Portable and Capture Engine for Savvius Omnipeek to quickly resolve enterprise clients’ network problems.