Omnipliance Ultra

Omnipliance Ultra combines spotlight dashboards for actionable network monitoring with award-winning packet data capture and analysis. Omnipliance Ultra captures network packet data and performs real-time monitoring at up to 20 Gbps with up to 128 TB of storage.

Omnipliance Ultra is the most powerful and comprehensive single-box performance monitoring and investigation solution available. With Omnipliance Ultra, everything you need to reduce Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR) of network issues is included.

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Omnipliance Micro

Designed for low-bandwidth networks, Omnipliance Micro automatically collects network statistics and trend data for baseline monitoring and long-term reporting. Users also have access to detailed network information for real-time troubleshooting.

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Omnipliance Virtual

The full Savvius stack used to gain visibility into both east-west and north-south traffic in virtual environments. Use the spotlight dashboards to monitor what matters to you in true real-time while simultaneously capturing packet data for forensic analysis with Omnipeek.

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Omnipliance Vigil

Omnipliance Vigil automates the collection of network traffic needed for security investigations, both reducing the likelihood of a breach, and minimizing the impact should one occur. Even breaches not discovered for months can be effectively investigated using Omnipliance Vigil. Omnipliance Vigil lets your organization conduct powerful forensic investigations by extending breach visibility and integrating with key security systems. You can intelligently capture critical packet data before and after an attack occurs so your organization can gain a clear and accurate picture of the damage, and react quickly.

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Webinar: Using Multi-Segment Analysis to Troubleshoot Distributed Networks

Chris Bloom, Savvius Technology Evangelist, will discuss why multi-segment analysis can be your starting point for measuring latency on your network links and how Omnipliance Micro can provide valuable insight into remote office networks.

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Large electrical utility company relies on Savvius tools to provide accurate, cost-effective network and application troubleshooting with long-term reporting and analytics.


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A KEY GOAL OF OURS IS TO PARTNER WITH THE LEADING network and security vendors to provide our joint customers with a complete solution that integrates seamlessly and delivers on the promise of efficient security investigations and high performance networks.