Omnipeek is more than an impressive collection of packet analysis, stats, and visualizations. With the best network analysis workflow in the industry, Omnipeek makes it easy to drill down, look across, compare, discover, and and ultimately reduce your mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR). Omnipeek empowers engineers with rapid-fire analytics and insights so they can make the best decisions, quickly, about their network’s speed, application performance, and security.

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Omnipeek Enterprise is Savvius’ flagship network analyzer software. It combines all Savvius network analysis features in a single product. It’s both a stand-alone network analyzer for portable analysis and a console for analyzing traffic collected on multiple captures engines and Omnipliances.


Omnipeek Professional makes Savvius’ award-winning network analytics available for small business and corporate workgroups. Omnipeek Professional is best suited for stand-alone captures, but also provides support for, network captures on multiple network interfaces in up to two Captures Engines. It supports both wired and wireless analysis, making it an excellent choice for portable analysis.


Omnipeek Connect is the console for an organization’s Omnipliance network analysis and recorder appliances, and provides all the capabilities of Omnipeek Enterprise with the exception of local packet capture. Only Omnipeek Connect is ideal for Network Operations Center engineers who need to monitot multiple remote locations but who do not need to be able to capture any local traffic at the console’s location.


Which Savvius Omnipeek Version Is Right For Me?

PRODUCT add-ons

Capture Engine


Capture Engine

Capture Engine for Omnipeek captures and analyzes network traffic in real time and records that traffic for post-capture analysis. With Capture Engine for Omnippek, network engineers can monitor distributed networks remotely and quicky dentify and remedy performace bottlenecks without leaving the office.

Omnipeek Remote Assistant (ORA)


Omnipeek Remote Assistant (ORA)

By using Omnipeek Remote Assistant (ORA) throughout a support organization and its user base, an organization ensures that any user anywhere can capture network data for troubleshooting. Engineers no longer have to travel to a user’s location simply to capture network data for troubleshooting.


WiFI Adapters


WiFI Adapters

The Savvius WiFi Adapter for Omnipeek is a USB-connected WLAN device designed for wireless packet captures. Certified for use with Omnipeek and Capture Engine for Omnipeek, it is available in 2-stream 802.11ac.

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