WALNUT CREEK, Calif – April 26, 2016 – Savvius™, Inc., a leader in packet intelligence solutions for security investigations and network performance management, today announced that a comprehensive summary of EMA’s “Achieving High-Fidelity Security” report has been made available for download. The Savvius-sponsored research highlights the obstacles companies must overcome collecting and utilizing data for network and endpoint security programs.

According to the author of the report, David Monahan, Research Director for Security and Risk Management at EMA, “Some companies turn a blind eye to network segments by not having their monitoring systems turned on or even installed, while others have log detail and collection settings that may not be high enough to provide sufficient detail. The data tells us they prefer to believe that they are protected, when in truth they are not. This phenomenon was common across various industry verticals and organization sizes, and was termed the ‘bravado factor’.”

Some key takeaways from the study include:

  • 80 percent of organizations receiving 500 or more severe/critical alerts per day currently investigate less than one (1) percent of those alerts.
  • Not only do 68 percent of organizations suffer from some sort of staffing impact to their security teams, but larger organizations are collecting gigabytes to terabytes of data each day. It is impossible for organizations to hire enough people to create adequate context for the data—and thus provide high-fidelity security information.
  • The adoption of tools that automate data capture increases the level of high-fidelity security information available to IT teams, greatly minimizing the risk of security breaches and the subsequent damage to targeted companies.

The “High-Fidelity” research project was created to understand the structure of organizations’ endpoint and network security programs, how they work together (or don’t), and their data collection and use habits with regard to security.


Download a full summary of EMA’s “Achieving High Fidelity Security Report” here. Press may contact Voxus PR for a copy of the report.

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