Do You Know What’s On Your Network?

Remote networks rarely get the attention as they should. Most network administrators do not know what’s happening on those remote networks.

Savvius targets channel expansion in EMEA

Savvius aims to sets the standard for real-time, actionable network visibility with software and appliance offerings relied on by leading enterprises around the globe.

Are you prepared for huge percentage increases in online traffic?

Are you prepared for an influx of visitors to your website in the case of a major event? Like it or not, we are now in an era when you should be able to track and react to the changing trends as soon as possible, especially if you don’t want to miss out on opportunities.

Using OmniPeek To Learn About the iPhone X

The good folks at Savvius were nice enough to provide OmniPeek for the Wi-Fi classes I oversee at Global Knowledge, and so I want to offer a taste of how OmniPeek can be used to learn about Wi-Fi device behavior, specifically with the iPhone X.

Nuvola Signs Up Savvius

Nuvola Distribution has announced an addition to its network product portfolio by becoming a strategic distributor for Savvius, provider of actionable network visibility.