Tim McCreery co-founded Savvius, Inc. as AG Group with Mahboud Zabetian in 1990. He has served in a variety of executive roles within the company and overseen its transition to WildPackets in 2000 and then Savvius in 2015. Tim’s 30 years of experience in the networking industry includes founder and president of Kinetics, a leading Macintosh networking company; founder and CEO of SilkStream, makers of network monitoring software; and VP of Marketing and Business Development at Excelan, a network equipment manufacturer. Tim has served on the boards of Clear Ink and Tut Systems and is currently on the board of Youth Homes, a non-profit agency serving at-risk foster care children in Contra Costa County, California.

Tim graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Psychology, and a Master’s degree in EECS.