It seems like every day there’s a new headline about another high profile corporation being hacked. This year alone, there has been over dozens of big-name companies under attack from malicious cyber criminals. Ashley Madison, anyone?

According to a study from CyberEdge, most companies believe they will be hacked in the near future. The study, which polled 814 key IT security professionals across 19 industries in seven countries spanning North America and Europe, found that 52 percent of respondents believe they’ll “likely” be hit by a successful cyber attack this year, up from 39 percent last year. And even more respondents, 71 percent of them, admit that they fell victim to a successful cyber attack in the prior year.

With every company susceptible to being hacked, network monitoring and security—or technologies that allow companies to continuously monitor their networks for failing components—has become top of mind for businesses of all shapes and sizes. These technologies allow network engineers to detect suspicious activity before it becomes a full-blown cyber attack.

Network monitoring and security doesn’t just protect your company from hackers, it also ensures that your network runs smoothly without any unexpected disruptions, which has become progressively more important now that networks have become increasingly busy and much more complex.

Now that VoIP and video are ubiquitous and video services are common, speeds are faster and data is richer. What’s more, the growth of mobile computing and the popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies have multiplied the number and types of devices accessing the network every day—all of which is putting more pressure on networks.


If that’s not enough to convince you that network monitoring and security are vital for businesses, just consider the five statistics below:

  • Network security firewall sales peaked at $1 billion in Q22015 (The Dell’Oro Group’s “Quaterly Data Center Appliance” report)
  • The global network performance management market—including network traffic management, network device management, security management, and more—is slated to be worth around $11 billion by 2019, compared to $7 billion in 2014 (MarketsandMarkets Research)
  • The global data center market is expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 11 percent between 2014 and 2019 (Technavio)
  • Enterprises spent over $400,000 each on networking equipment in 2014 alone, driven by cloud and security, and are expected to increase spending by 19 percent in 2015 (Infonetics)
  • Network monitoring switches with advanced processing capabilities experienced “sharp growth” in 2014, representing 84 percent of network monitoring switch revenue (Infonetics)

As the statistics above clearly show, enterprises (including the majority of your competitors) are investing in network monitoring and security technologies—and for good reason. These technologies help you protect the network that keeps your business up and running smoothly.

The bottom line is that businesses cannot rest on their laurels any longer if they wish to remain profitable and competitive in today’s marketplace. Protect your network and protect your business by investing in sophisticated network monitoring and security technologies.