Ninety-five percent of companies with more than 1,000 employees report that, on average, an hour of downtime a year can cost over $100,000; over 50 percent say the cost exceeds $300,000, and one in 10 state that an hour of downtime costs more than $1 million a year, according to the ITIC Technology Trends and Deployment Survey.

The ITIC survey also showed that 79 percent of corporations require a minimum of 99.99 percent uptime for their critical hardware. These figures illustrate the importance of maintenance and support programs for your IT equipment and software. Even though enterprises invest in hardware or software solutions expecting fully functional products that will require little or no maintenance, the reality is that complex systems require comprehensive support.

There are a variety of factors that can impact downtime and availability, including human error, unavailability of IT staff, the increasing adoption of new technology and the sudden upsurge in bring your own device (BYOD). For companies of all sizes, therefore, maintenance programs are fundamental to ensure that systems are covered and to guarantee the continuity of business operations.

To ensure your products are protected, an all-inclusive maintenance and support program should be purchased in tandem with your hardware or software. This program should include the following features:

• Software upgrades to ensure access to evolving technology
• Technical support for all escalations, as well as for hardware and software
• Troubleshooting, repair and replacements for all products
• Access to tools, guides or additional resources for product support
• Cost-savings plans for upgrades and migrations

Your software and hardware suppliers should also offer a warranty with each purchase, as well as flexible maintenance and support programs for your software licenses. Warranties give you assurance that your products will function without interruption for an extended period of time or be serviced by the seller.

Although maintenance and support programs do come at a cost, the long-term savings are what matters most. By avoiding unbudgeted expenses, and limiting downtime and extraneous repair costs, maintenance programs will reduce demands on your IT budget.

Savvius, a market leader in packet-level network analytics and security forensics that allow network monitoring and security professionals to detect, understand and respond to network performance and security issues, offers a comprehensive maintenance and support program for all its products. These include direct telephone and email contact with top-level analysts to immediately address hardware and software problems, as well as on-site service technicians, warranty parts for repairs and replacement of defective products.

By actively maintaining and supporting its products, Savvius reinforces the quality of its applications by ensuring that their superior performance is accompanied by first-rate service. For more information on Savvius network analytics, security forensics and its comprehensive maintenance and support programs, click here.