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What's new in Omnipliance 10?

  • Savvius Omnipliance status notifications
  • Customize packet decode views
  • Faster forensic searches
  • Filter by country
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What is the Monit feature in Omnipliance Linux 10?

The Monit open-source utility for Linux is included with Omnipliance. The utility monitors various Capture Engine processes, disk health, capture status, adapter card status, and more. It will send pre-defined alerts to syslog when problem conditions are detected.

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Has Savvius added the ability to have multiple decode columns in the Packets view?

Yes. By right-clicking on a field within the Decode View, you can add as many decode columns as you like and arrange them in any order.

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What is the Country Filter dialog menu and where can I find it?

The Country Filter dialog allows you to specify one or two countries, and a direction (like the address and port filter dialogs). It is in the Advanced filter under the Logical “And”, “Or” and “Not” options.

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What is the RAID 6 option for Omnipliance?

If you order a Savvius Omnipliance, you can specify RAID 6 instead of the standard RAID 0. RAID 6 has the advantage of being able to replace a defective hard drive without having to reimage the unit.

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I have an Omnipliance, can I change it from RAID 0 to RAID 6?

Yes, but the unit will need to be reimaged and all your data will be lost. In addition, the time to reimage the unit will be much longer when using the RAID 6 option.

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Can I continue to use my Omnipliance when a defective drive is replaced in the RAID 6 array?

Yes, but the overall performance will be impacted until the drive is completely assimilated into the array.

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What is the Remote Compass feature?

The Remote Compass is the same interactive network forensics dashboard application on Omnipeek that is available on the Capture Engine

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What is the Top Applications graph on the Forensics tab?

The Top Applications Distribution graph is collected when "Top Stats" is enabled in the Capture Options. Data for Top Applications Utilization is collected when "Timeline Stats" is enabled in the Capture Options.

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What is the Connected Users tab in the Capture Engine?

The view to the "Admin" engine tabs in the Capture Engine called "Connected Users" shows all users currently connected to the engine.

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I see there is no LCD panel on the Omnipliances, how is it configured?

There 3 ways to configure the interfaces on an Omnipliance.

  • USB flash drive
  • VT-100 Terminal
  • Default static IP address
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What are the different models of Omnipliance offered by Savvius?

There is an excellent overview all of the products here:

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What is the Sparklines graph in the in the Details subtab of the Forensics tab?

The Sparklines are the Network Utilization (Mbits/s) graphs, just shrunken. The data for the Sparklines is only requested when the item becomes visible. Sparklines are updated for active captures.

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What is the "Priority to Disk" option?

When enabled it gives priority to CTD (Capture to disk) captures, so that real-time monitoring captures have less impact on the CTD performance.

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What is the "Disk space for this capture" option in the General>Capture Option?

This slider and associated text field are used to specify the maximum amount, in gigabytes, of disk space for the capture to occupy.

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What is the VoIP Stats Option in the General->Capture Options?

When VoIP Stats are enabled, it will rate calls as Bad, Poor, Fair, and Good based on MOS-Low which will appear on the Timeline graph.

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What is the new VLAN-MPLS Advanced Filter Node?

This is an advanced filter node which you will be able to specify one or more VLAN IDs or ID ranges. Also, you will be able to specify one or more MPLS Labels or Label ranges.

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What is the Diagnostics tab in the Capture Engine window?

This tab will allow you to run diagnostics on the connected engine and then display the results in a text box. You can save the diagnostics information to a text file, copy selected text, and refresh the current view.

Note: This information is usually used for tech support troubleshooting an issue.

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What is the real-time Forensic Search feature?

When you do a forensic search, the results window will show up immediately. You will also see a progress bar at the top of the window displaying the progress of packets loading and processing.

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Can you add files to the Omnipliance?

Yes, you can now add files to the Omnipliance by simply clicking an icon and selecting the files you want to add.

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How do I configure and manage my Omnipliance?

The Omnipliance can be managed and configured with the Capture Engine Manager.

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Can I add software or hardware to my Omnipliance?

No. The Omnipliances are optimized for Enterprise network packet recording. You should not under any circumstances add software or hardware to these machines as doing so will compromise performance and void the warranty.

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Why do I receive a token error message when I try to log into the Omnipliance?

You must select "Third Party" Authentication to connect to the Omnipliance. Selecting "Default" Authentication causes this error.

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