Omnipeek Enterprise Support FAQs


What are the new features in Omnipeek Enterprise 10?

  • View file content
  • Investigation overview
  • Security events from Snort and Suricata
  • Customize packet decode views
  • Filter files to maximize computing bandwidth
  • Faster forensic searches
  • Filter by country
  • Decrypt TLS 1.2
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What is the new View File Content option in Omnipeek 10?

This is a new option titled "Files" on the Navigation Pane for loaded packet files. It displays files extracted from reassembled HTTP flows. This can be very useful for monitoring network activity.

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Has Savvius added the ability to have multiple decode columns in the Packets view?

Yes. By right-clicking on a field within the Decode View, you can add as many decode columns as you like and arrange them in any order.

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What is the new Filter File Load feature in Omnipeek 10?

The File Open dialog in Omnipeek now has a "Filter" option. By clicking this button, you can invoke the same Filter UI available in the Capture Options. When the file is loaded, each packet is run through whatever filters were selected by the user, and only packets passing that filter criteria will be loaded.

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What is the new Country Filter dialog menu and where can I find it?

The Country Filter dialog allows you to specify one or two countries, and a direction (like the address and port filter dialogs). It is in the Advanced filter under the Logical "And", "Or" and "Not" options.

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What is the new Overview Graph for files?

  • Provides an easy method to "zoom" in on a portion of a file by selecting a time range and reprocessing all statistics
  • Provides summary information on various counts - Packets, Flows, Files, Events, etc. - including those in the selection, and total in the file
  • Provides an overview of Expert events in the file
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What local graph enhancements are in Omnipeek 10?

Omnipeek graphs have the option to use a variety of graph types in Omnipeek 10. There is a dropdown menu which contains all the available graph types such as Stacked Bar, Skyline, Stacked Skyline, Stacked Area, Points, and Bar Pie.

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How do I see the Geographical Breakdown in traffic?

This utility gives a graphic view of Application utilization, Application latency and Application details of flows, packets and bytes.

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I am running Omnipeek on a Win 2012 server. I cannot see the Compass dashboard, and I have Flash installed. What is the problem?

To view the Compass dashboard in Omnipeek running on a Windows Server 2012 R2 system, you must manually enable Flash Player through the Server Manager.

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What is the Application Dashboard view in Omnipeek 10?

This utility gives a graphic view of Application utilization, Application latency and Application details of flows, packets and bytes.

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What is the Application Statistics view in Omnipeek 10?

The view displays total applications statistics for the duration of the file, capture, or search in a list with the follow columns:

  • Application
  • Utilization %
  • Bytes %
  • Packets %
  • Bytes
  • Packets
  • First Time
  • Last Time
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What is the Compass Application view?

The Compass view now includes enhancements such as an Applications statistics chart window for grouping statistics by applications.

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How come there is no more Apdex view in Omnipeek?

The Application Statistics Dashboard replaced the old Apdex Dashboard. The dashboard includes the following elements:

  • Application utilization - a graph of the Top N applications, similar to the graph in CTD stats
  • Application latency - using the latency calculation code from Compass to graph the latency of the top 10 applications
  • Application details (Flows/packets/bytes) - same view as "Statistics -> Applications"
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Are there any Compass Hot Keys I can use?

Yes. Please contact tech support for a full list using the link below:

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Does Omnipeek 10 support labeling packets by color?

Yes, Omnipeek 10 supports labeling packets by color.

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Where can I see the geographic location of Nodes?

The Nodes view has two columns: "Country" and "City". This will give a good overview of the geographic location of different nodes.

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What is the TCPDump Remote Adapter in Omnipeek 10 Capture Options dialog?

The Remote TCPDump Adapter is a plug-in for the Omnipeek Console that connects to remote machines through SSH and runs TCPDump.

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What ways does Compass generate statistics in Omnipeek 10?

From file(s) in the Compass Workspace navigation bar and by creating projects from one or more packet files in the Compass Workspace mode.

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What happened to the Cisco and Aruba remote adapters in the Capture Options dialog?

Omnipeek now provides a single remote adapter to replace the individual ones called "Access Point Capture Adapter"

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What are the supported Cisco and Aruba 802.11ac AP's that are supported in Omnipeek 10?

The supported AP's are the Cisco AP2700, AP3700 and Aruba AP-225 models.

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Do the Cisco and Aruba AP's support multi-stream 802.11ac configuration?

Yes, they support MIMO: 1, 2 and 3 spatial stream configurations.

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Does Omnipeek 10 support 4 spatial streams decoding?

Yes, Omnipeek 10 supports 4 spatial streams decoding.

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