The recently discovered vulnerabilities known as Meltdown and Spectre apply to the Intel processors in all Omnipliances. Patches addressing them for Ubuntu, the version of Linux used by Omnipliances, will be released by Ubuntu shortly. Savvius will issue an update to Omnipliance software approximately two weeks after we receive the patches, to allow time for testing and integration.

However, the very nature of Omnipliances substantially lowers the security risk. Meltdown and Spectre reduce barriers between applications running simultaneously on the same hardware. Omnipliances do not run applications from multiple vendors, and without a “bad-behaving” application running on the Omnipliance attempting to access information from the Omnipliance software, there is no vulnerability.

Omnipeek analysis software running on a PC is entirely dependent on the PC’s operating system to address Meltdown and Spectre. Therefore, it is essential that all the latest operating system patches be installed.

Savvius takes all issues regarding security very seriously, so even though we believe the risk to be low, we will have a patch available for all currently-supported hardware systems as quickly as possible.