Maintenance Programs


Savvius Maintenance and Support Programs provide product maintenance owners with:

  • The benefit of "on demand" access to our ever-evolving world-class technology
  • Access to technical support resources for software and hardware support as needed
  • Clearly-defined avenues for troubleshooting, repairing and replacing hardware
  • Membership in the MyPeek Community Portal where ideas on product extensions and customization can be exchanged freely with peers and Savvius engineering staff
  • Access to a personalized MyPeek account, where free utilities, complimentary tools, newsletters and more resources are available
  • On-line, speed-through maintenance renewal
  • Discounts on product upgrades and migrations
  • "Maintenance Owner ONLY" product promotions

Software Maintenance  |  Hardware Maintenance  |  FAQs

Software Warranty, Maintenance and Support

When you purchase Savvius software, you receive a 90-day warranty with your purchase. Maintenance and Support purchases must be made at the time of software license purchase to avoid extra fees.

90-Day Software Warranty

Savvius’ 90-day software warranty provides assurance that the software will meet its functional specifications for a period of 90 days from the date of your purchase. If any issue with functionality arises, the registered product owner reports the anomaly to our Technical Support Group via our on-line support form available at Issues reported through our web-based form are responded to within 24 hours during our normal Technical Support hours of 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST Monday through Friday.

Standard Software Maintenance and Support

When you purchase Savvius software products, you also purchase a maintenance and support agreement for those products. Maintenance and support agreement terms are for twelve or twenty-four months, typically, though longer terms are available upon request.

Your purchase of Standard Software Maintenance and Support includes the following benefits:

  • Personalized "MyPeek" account providing on-demand access to product updates, product feature enhancements, complimentary utilities, access to APIs and SDKs that allow you to customize and extend the analysis capabilities of your software as well as plug-ins created by Savvius engineers, the Savvius newsletter, special promotional offers, and more
  • Access to advanced virus and other relevant packet filters created by Savvius engineers
  • Unlimited, priority access to live technical support resources for product and feature issues
  • Qualification for pre-release product testing
  • Discounts on cross-platform and conversion upgrades

Maintenance and Support Fees

Maintenance pricing is a percentage of the SRP of the product for which maintenance is being purchased for the first twelve months, typically around 20%. Maintenance will always be quoted as a percentage of SRP rather than of net, or purchase, price. Purchasing twenty-four months of maintenance and support is a better option from a pricing standpoint, if you would like the longer term coverage. Pricing for maintenance terms beyond twenty-four months will be provided upon request.

Lapsed Maintenance Fees (1-90 Days Lapsed)

You may renew maintenance if your maintenance contract has lapsed for less than 90-days by paying an expired maintenance fee equal to 25% of maintenance list price in addition to a new maintenance contract. Lapsed maintenance agreements begin on the date of order. For contracts that have been expired for 90+ days a software update and a new maintenance contract must be purchased. Details on software updates are available below.

Renewing Maintenance through Your MyPeek Account

Software maintenance contracts for eligible products may be renewed via your personalized MyPeek account. MyPeek accounts are created when you purchase any licensed software product with maintenance from Savvius. Your MyPeek account will reflect all of your software purchases and maintenance contract dates, and provide access to a product update or upgrade as it is made available or as maintenance is purchased.

Software Updates

Software updates are available with standard maintenance agreements. Customers without maintenance may purchase software updates for 40% of the SRP of the software. New maintenance agreements may then be purchased for the updated software.

Hardware Maintenance & Support

Standard Hardware Maintenance and Support (Omnipliance Portable and Network Adapter Cards for Omnipliance)

In the case of a product failure or suspected failure, you will interact directly with Savvius Support staff to troubleshoot the issue and, if necessary, receive an RMA to have the device sent to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Once the hardware is received, it will be thoroughly tested to make sure the problem can be recreated, and the unit will be repaired or replaced. The turnaround time will be dependent upon the manufacturer's schedule, but we will monitor the progress of return closely and provide a complete report of all warranty and repair procedures to you. The Standard Hardware Maintenance and Support Option specify that the end user pays for the initial shipment, and Savvius pays for the return.

Premium Hardware Maintenance and Support (Omnipliance T300, Omnipliance M200, Omnipliance C100)

Global NBD Response Warranty Includes

Direct telephone and email access to senior-level analysts for expedited troubleshooting of hardware issues. On-Site dispatch of service technician and/or warranty parts to Customer's business location for repairs and resolution necessary due to a defect in materials or workmanship on the Supported System.

Support Procedures

Support Requests: Customer may submit the issue and a service request by contacting Savvius technical support at

Assist with phone/email-based Troubleshooting

  • When request is submitted, please include serial number of unit. Be prepared to identify any error messages received, how and when they occurred, and what activities preceded the error. Also be able to describe what steps have already been taken to solve the problem.
  • Analyst will go through a series of additional troubleshooting steps to help diagnose the issue.
  • If an on-site dispatch and parts replacement is necessary, the analyst will provide Customer with additional instructions.
  • An RO (Return Order) number for defected parts will be created, if necessary. Customer will be asked to ship the defective parts to NCS Technologies:

    7669 Limestone Dr.
    Gainesville, VA 20155-4038

On-Site Support
The On-Site Support includes 24x 7 next day response with repair if parts are available. If parts are not available, the repair will take place the day after the parts arrive at the Customer location.

A service technician will be dispatched to the business location of the affected system. Customer will be contacted in advance to schedule the onsite visit.

On-site Response Time Restrictions/Special Terms
With Next Business Day On-Site Response Service following phone-based/Email troubleshooting, a technician can usually be dispatched to arrive onsite the next business day.

  • Available 5 days/week, 8 hours/day - excluding holidays.
  • Calls received 5:00 PM local Customer time (Monday - Friday) and/or dispatches made after that time may require an additional business day for service technician to arrive at the Customer’s location.

Following completion of remote troubleshooting and problem determination, the analyst will determine if the issue requires an on-site service technician and/or parts to be dispatched or if the issue can be resolved remotely over the phone.

Missed Service Visit:
If Customer or Customer’s authorized representative is not at the location when the service technician arrives, the service technician cannot service the Supported System. The service technician will leave and customer will be notified and the next appointment will be scheduled. If this occurs, Customer may be charged an additional fee for a follow-up service call.

Contact , call (925) 937-3200 or contact your sales representative for more details and pricing.

What is "MyPeek" and why do I need it?

MyPeek is a customized account designed to increase your experience with Savvius. Through MyPeek, customers with current maintenance can download the latest version of their software and documentation, get access to various plug-ins, learn about upcoming releases and new products.

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Can I download a new version of the product I own without maintenance?

Product updates may be purchased without a maintenance contract for 40% of the product SRP.

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My maintenance is expired, but I neglected to download the latest version prior to the expiration. Can I still download?

When you purchase Savvius software products with maintenance, you are given a personal, customized “MyPeek” account that houses links to the software you have purchased, free utility software, our maintenance newsletters, links to our CIO’s blog, and more. Access to your MyPeek account expires when your maintenance term ends, so unless you are current with maintenance, you cannot update or upgrade your existing software purchase. Please contact to renew maintenance and download the latest version.

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Why does my software license need to be activated? If I have maintenance, doesn’t that entitle me to install the software as many times as I want to?

The activation process will protect your software licensing rights while assisting Savvius in its efforts to protect its intellectual property. Savvius also has been required by its international channel partner representatives to provide a strong copy protection system, since they cannot invest in products that do not provide anti-piracy measures. In our efforts to address these realities, we believe we have implemented a user-friendly system that will prevent casual piracy and will be next to invisible to legitimate users.

Your maintenance entitles you to 2 activations or installations of the product and our SLA states that one installation is for back-up, the second is for use. If you have special circumstances for installing software please contact your sales rep or email to discuss alternatives.

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My MyPeek account is not recognizing my license of Savvius software.

Typically this is a serial number validation issue. From the MyPeek ( home page click on “validate your product serial number” and enter your registered email address and serial number. This will enter it into the MyPeek system.

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My maintenance has expired. Can I renew?

Of course you can! If your maintenance has been expired for less than 90-days you may purchase a new maintenance contract by paying a lapsed maintenance fee equal to 25% of the SRP of maintenance for the product you are renewing. The new maintenance agreement will begin on the date of order.

Customers without maintenance or that have been expired longer than 90-days may purchase software updates for 40% of the SRP of the software. New maintenance agreements may then be purchased for the updated software.

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What is the cost to renew my maintenance contract?

Software renewals are set at approximately 20% of the original SRP of the product for which maintenance is being purchased. If your maintenance is current you may refer to your MyPeek account for renewal pricing options. If maintenance is expired, or if you’d like to go over alternative options please email or call 925-937-3200.

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I am currently maintaining another analyzer but want to switch to a Savvius solution. Does Savvius offer any upgrade or transfer programs to allow me to more affordably move over to you?

Savvius offers special migration pricing for owners of competing products. Please contact your sales rep or email for pricing information.

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If I upgrade to another Savvius product does my original support contract transfer?

You can transfer up to 12-months of the existing maintenance contract by paying the differential in maintenance price across the two products. Additional months will be forfeited upon upgrading. The original license, while you will always own it, will be made 'inactive' from Savvius’ point of view and therefore will not be eligible for future upgrades or support programs.

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If my maintenance contract expires can I still use the product?

Of course! Savvius software licenses are perpetual and once you buy it, you own it. You may use the product as long as you like.

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Can I transfer my license to another user?

Yes! All Savvius requires is new end user information including name, phone number, email and physical location. In the case that you are transferring the license to another company or organization we would prefer to have the request in writing on company letterhead indicating transfer of ownership.

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My PC crashed and I need to reinstall, but I lost the CD and I let my maintenance expire. Can I get another copy?

You may purchase maintenance which will give you the ability to download the latest version of Savvius software.

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