Savvius End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Notifications and Policy


The general policy guidelines are:

Savvius will continue to provide technical support and bug fixes for Priority 1 (P1) issues (as determined by Savvius) for products listed for end-of-sale through the end-of-support date, but no new features will be introduced after the end-of-sale announcement date. All pertinent milestones are as follows:



End-of-Sale Announcement

Date of notification of End-of-Sale.

End-of-Sale Date

Last date to order. Product will no longer be sold following this date.


P1 bug fixes for this product end on this date.

Current End of Sale Announcements:

Current End of Support Announcements:

This policy does not apply to products that have already been discontinued.

The following products have been discontinued. These are their final version numbers.

Omnipeek Basic 8.1.1
TimeLine 7.9.1
Omnipeek Personal 4.1
OmniEngine Workgroup 5.0.1
OmniSpectrum 3.1
Omni Wireless Sensor 1.1
AiroPeek SE 3.1
AiroPeek NX 3.1
AiroPeek VX 1.1
AiroPeek NX - Japanese 2.0.4
AiroPeek NX - Korean 2.0.2
AiroPeek - Japanese 2.0.4
EtherPeek SE 7.1
EtherPeek NX 4.1
EtherPeek VX 2.1
PacketGrabber 2.0.1
RMONGrabber Unlimited 1.6
RMONGrabber 5-Probe 1.6
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