Product Activation FAQs


What is the product activation mentioned in the installer?

When you install a Peek product the installer sends a secure message to a web server located at Savvius. The installer sends the following information: serial number, product information, name, company name, and an ID number associated with your computer. This process will assist us in reducing software piracy, as we can insure that our software is used solely by authorized customers. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at Savvius Technical Support.

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Where do I download the software to re-install my product?

Please log in to MyPeek at You can access information about your purchase and links to download your software.

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When trying to access MyPeek I get the following error: "Our records indicate that your contracts have not yet been validated as no entry of a shipped serial number has been entered. If you believe you do have a current contract, please notify us so that we can resolve this matter." How do I solve this?

Please validate your serial number before logging into MyPeek for the first time. You will notice a link that says Validate product Serial Number. Clicking on this link will take you to the Validate Shipped Products page. Please enter your serial number and email address.

You only need to validate your serial number one time. Go back to MyPeek using your email address and login password. If you have forgotten your login password, please use the 'Forgotten Password' Option.

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What if I do not have access to the internet, can I still activate my product?

Yes. When running the installer, please select Manual activation. You will need three pieces of information, your serial number, the CPU ID of the target machine, and the activation key. To get the CPU ID, open a CMD prompt and type <dir>. This will give you’re the Volume Serial Number of the hard drive. Use this (without dashes) for the CPU ID. The Activation key will be generated and emailed to you. Follow the remaining instructions in the installer.

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I have access to the internet so why is activation still being rejected?

If you are trying to activate a current release of Omnipeek or OmniEngine, please be sure the Proxy Settings on your computer are properly configured. If you are still having trouble, here are two additional ways to activate your product. 1) We can generate an activation code for you. Choose manual activation and call us with your machine ID number. 2) If you have another machine that has access to the internet go to and fill out the form, an activation code will be generated. Enter the activation code to proceed with the install.

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What is Savvius' license policy?

We allow the installation of our products on one computer accessed by a single user, per serial number. Any installations beyond this would require the purchase of either additional licenses.

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Can I re-install on the same machine?

Yes. As per the Savvius software license agreement, you may install the software any number of times on one machine, with its own machine ID.

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Here is a list of common activation errors.

  • EC109 - Activation failed please contact Savvius Technical Support
    Response code 2 - Please contact us, we may need to generate an activation code for you.
  • Ec104 - Your product needs to be validated. Please go to:
  • Ec105 - Be sure you are selecting the correct product. Example SE, NX, VX
  • Ec108 - Be sure you are selecting the correct version number, Example. 3.0, 2.0
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