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Wi-Fi is everywhere. It’s the default way of connecting tablets, laptops, and other user devices to networks. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to monitor or troubleshoot.
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Wi-Fi communications are complex. Users might expect to be able to roam from room to corridor to stairwell to lobby, but engineers know that transition involves channel hopping, AP hopping, and other split-second adjustments, all of which affect network performance and the end user experience.

To this already complicated picture, the new 802.11ac standard brings important innovations and challenges. Faster connections and expanded coverage areas are great, but the high speed of 802.11ac—WLAN traffic can reach 7 Gbps—make it impossible for administrators to capture WLAN traffic with the 433 Mbps network adapters they have relied on for years.

Savvius gives network administrators and enterprise IT teams the fast, comprehensive, and insightful Wi-Fi analytics they need.

Omnipliance WiFi is the only 802.11ac recording and analysis solution fast enough to record and analyze traffic from high-speed 802.11ac WLANs. Omnipliance WiFi leverages the APs that enterprises have already deployed to capture, monitor, and analyze 802.11ac traffic.

Using Omnipliance WiFi, IT engineers working remotely can monitor and troubleshoot their most advanced, fastest performing WLANs. No travel required.

Omnipliance WiFi

OmniPeek is the most comprehensive Wi-Fi analysis solution on the market today. OmniPeek’s multichannel support, network flows, detailed packet and roaming analysis is absolutely critical to our success.

--George Stefanick, Wireless Network Architect
    Houston Methodist Hospital

For other WLAN tasks, OmniPeek solutions provide best-in-class analysis solutions for understanding and troubleshooting Wi-Fi performance and Wi-Fi security risks.

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