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Learn how Savvius products can be used to address your network performance & visibility diagnostics and network forensics for security investigation needs.

Case Studies

Reducing the Cost of Incident Response with Selective Packet Capture

Savvius Vigil provides the best of both worlds, allowing organizations to utilize their existing investment in SIEM/IDS/IPS equipment while enabling a very efficient form of alert-driven selective packet capture. This approach gives security analysts all the benefits of a full packet capture solution, without the requisite cost of massive amounts of storage.

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Managing WiFi Performance in Warehouse Environments

For many organizations, the warehouse represents the heart of operational activity. This is particularly true in the competitive retail industry where organizations invest in cutting edge wireless technologies to help merchandise flow quickly and efficiently through warehouses, from receiving to shipping, as cost-effectively as possible.

WiFi is the perfect enabler for these critical warehouse functions. While there are many challenges to providing a high-performing wireless infrastructure in these environments, there are effective tools that can be used to manage and troubleshoot WiFi deployments.

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Point of Sale Terminal Monitoring: Removing Vulnerabilities

With the bulk of corporate budgets being spent at the datacenter, most IT people and their monitoring and security solutions are deployed in a datacenter or at corporate headquarters, leaving little if any visibility out to the edges of the distributed network. Although network-enabled POS systems have been around for a couple of decades now, it is only very recently that businesses have begun to understand how critical it is to monitor them. Fortunately, performance and security technologies seen more commonly in the datacenter space have become small enough and affordable enough to be deployed at POS location

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Using Savvius Omnipeek in Security Investigations

Built on decades of company expertise in deep packet inspection, Omnipeek offers powerful, streamlined network forensics capabilities that greatly enhance and speed up any security investigation. When weighed against the potential losses and long-term damage caused by even a single breach, Omnipeek presents a cost-effective software solution that gives security investigators the answers they need.

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How to Perform Multi-Channel Analysis for WLAN Mobility

Clients roam. It’s what they do. Today’s wireless networks are primarily about mobility, and rarely about portability. If clients roam, then troubleshooting tools must follow. For a long time, analysts have captured frames (aka packets) traversing a single channel, but what happens when a client roams to another channel as it is designed to do? Poof! The client vanishes from the analyzer's view and troubleshooting stops right there. This has been a particularly perplexing problem for Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) analysts given that they are troubleshooting highly-mobile connectivity.

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Multi-Segment Analysis: Solving Application Performance Issues

Companies are increasingly relying on applications for business-critical tasks, making application performance a key issue. Network disruptions are now business disruptions, and the worst disruptions can sometimes have financial or even legal consequences. Network engineers tasked with keeping this essential system of applications, networks, clients, and servers up and running at peak performance with minimal latency need to have the right tools and processes available to help them ensure the availability of these services.

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Monitoring and Troubleshooting Remote Office Networks with Savvius Insight

Enterprise networks and the IT personnel who manage them have never been busier. Today’s networks are more distributed and connected to more devices than ever before—everything from desktop systems to tablets to wearables to IoT sensors. Applications and services are scattered across data centers and third-party cloud providers, and just about every critical business function—from traditional ERP applications to video-based training—is running on the network.

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