It’s no secret that enterprises spend a lot of time, money, and manpower keeping their valuable data secure. The problem is that once a threat has been detected, security experts commonly have a limited number of tools at their disposal to investigate and resolve the issue.

Savvius Vigil™ provides the answer. Rather than full packet capture, Savvius Vigil is a selective packet capture system driven by alerts and security incidents. It continuously collects all network packets associated with those alerts, and uses screening algorithms to discard unassociated packets and conserve storage space. This solution provides the best of both worlds, allowing organizations to utilize their existing investment in SIEM/IDS/IPS equipment while enabling a very efficient form of alert-driven selective packet capture.

Join our webinar with Linus Brand, Savvius EMEA solutions engineer, and learn about how you can reduce the cost of incident response with Vigil.

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