As more enterprises and small/medium businesses are migrating applications into the cloud, having adequate visibility to assure application performance and up time for the business continuity becomes a challenge. Public cloud is inherently difficult to have visibility into due to tight restrictions and rules of operations. Savvius and Ixia have come up with a unique solution that is perfectly complementing, simple to deploy and easy to manage, in a pure virtualized environment. The Ixia CloudLens  virtual TAP solution with Savvius capture and analysis tools enables you to investigate applications and network performance issues from anywhere, anytime.

Nadeem Zahid, Jay Botelho from Savvius and Greg Copeland from Ixia discuss:

  • What is Ixia CloudLens solution and its key components and how to deploy it in a public cloud such as AWS
  • How to you link Savvius Omnipliance tools to Ixia CloudLens sensors to funnel the required data for analysis
  • What kind of analysis Savvius provides on your application related data to help solve performance and capacity issues

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