Making Remote Network Visibility Affordable

By deploying low-cost, plug-and-play appliances such as Insight at every remote location, IT teams not only get a more accurate and complete view of the network, they also ensure that trouble-spots can be identified and rectified before the business is adversely affected.

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Savvius Brochure

Savvius’s mission is to enable business value through actionable visibility into the performance and security of your network infrastructure. We are a leading global provider of network performance and security appliances for data centers, enterprises, governments, and distributed offices.

Savvius Fact Sheet

Enterprise networks today are incredibly complex and amazingly fast. Savvius is able to take all of that network data and translate it into something actionable, relentlessly real time, and interactive. Companies needing visibility into their network and application performance will find the answer with Savvius.

The Opportunity for Automated Network Performance Monitoring (ANPM)

ANPM has the potential to usher in two key benefits in network performance monitoring. The first and most obvious advantage is the amplification of network IT professionals’ time by freeing them to respond and resolve rather than monitor and react.

The Power of the Omnipliance Portable

Savvius sells the complete recording and analysis solution to our customers. Included with each Omnipliance Portable is an Adapter for Omnipliance, Capture Engine software, and Omnipeek® software.

Savvius vs Riverbed

(Duration: 24:44)
Jay Botelho takes you through the Savvius Spotlight dashboards and workflow.