Troubleshooting Distributed Application Performance

(Duration: 39:32) Jay Botelho, Director of Products at Savvius, will demonstrate how network packet data can lead to valuable, often hidden, data that can illuminate application performance issues, and make you the hero.

Monitoring Point of Sale Network Data

(Duration: 26:48) Jay Botelho and Chris Bloom will examine the importance of bringing POS systems into the network visibility family, and what to do with the data once you have it.

How Network Analysis Enables Security Investigations

(Duration: 31:37) Network data can be used to address a host of issues, including security investigations, application performance, compliance, and many others. It all depends on processing and presenting the network data in ways that other specialists understand.

Using ELK as a SIEM

(Duration: 27:47) Chris Bloom, Technology Evangelist at Savvius, will demonstrate the benefits of using ELK as a SIEM, and how the ELK stack on a packet capture appliance provides a powerful view of security events and the network data surrounding them.

Long Term Reporting with ELK

(Duration: 34:54) Chris Bloom, Technology Evangelist at Savvius, will demonstrate the value of using ELK to visualize network data and gain valuable insights that can help improve IT operations.

Using Multi-Segment Analysis to Troubleshoot Distributed Networks

(Duration: 27:37) Chris Bloom, Savvius Technology Evangelist, will discuss why multi-segment analysis can be your starting point for measuring latency on your network links and how Savvius Insight can provide valuable visibility into remote office networks.

Scaling with Clusters for Big Data Analytics

(Duration: 10:25) With the accumulation of big data, analytics slow considerably, resulting in sluggish insights. How do you scale while increasing valuable business insights?

WLAN Analysis Without Leaving Your Office

(Duration: 36:32) Portable, on-demand analysis is not efficient or effective in today’s highly-distributed wireless networks. You need a 24×7 WLAN analysis solution to troubleshoot anytime and from anywhere. Preferably, from your office.