Savvius & Palo Alto Networks: Network Forensics for Security Investigations

Network packets are critical to security investigations, however most organizations lack the network packets needed to investigate security incidents since they only keep packets for days or weeks, and it can take months for breaches to be detected. Savvius Vigil automates the collection of network traffic needed for security investigations.

Savvius Spotlight: Network performance investigations reimagined

As networks get faster, workflows get slower. Traditional network monitoring products only tell you where to begin an investigation, not how to complete it. As an IT professional, you need to go from a broad view of your network to a pinpoint view of any traffic anywhere in mere seconds, drill into the associated packets, and view long-term baselines.

EMA Report Summary: Achieving High-Fidelity Security

Recent security breach history underscores the necessity for organizations to gather and act on data from endpoints and the network, empowering them (at a minimum) to more effectively investigate and optimally thwart breaches like those experienced by Sony and Target.

Network Forensics Buyer’s Guide

From data recording to in-depth analysis, this Buyer’s Guide lists the features you need and the ramifications you should consider.

Using ELK for Operational Intelligence

Operational analysis can be used along with other types of machine data through Savvius’ integration with ELK, an open source software stack for big data search and analysis.