If “network” is in your title, the odds are that you’re inundated with dashboards. You see activity dashboards, network dashboards, application dashboards, latency dashboards, VoIP dashboards…the list never ends.

These dashboards usually have two things in common: they show the “Top N” of something, and they average data together from tens of thousands of network flows, or more. That is a lot of data, but “Top N” and highly-averaged dashboards shed very little light on the state of your network. What you really want to know is “what’s wrong,” not just “what’s happening.” You need the dashboard to help you drill down to what is wrong in real time, as it’s happening.

In this webinar, Jay Botelho, head of products at Savvius, will present powerful alternatives to the “me too” dashboards we find all too often in today’s network management products.

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