Point of Sale (POS) systems – we use them daily, but rarely, if ever, think about the security consequences. Point of Sale (POS) devices enable every purchase we make in stores, and cyber criminals are paying attention to the high volume of lucrative data that these systems process. But from a network and security perspective, monitoring POS systems is often an afterthought. They get deployed, and then ignored. Out at the network edge of a retailer, usually at hundreds or thousands of locations, there is limited network visibility into this critical traffic. Again, cyber criminals know this too, and POS systems are high on their target list. Visibility into the network traffic going to and from these systems is critical, with the best source of data being a recording of the packets themselves.

Jay Botelho and Chris Bloom will examine the importance of bringing POS systems into the network visibility family, and what to do with the data once you have it.