Just as networks are critical to all kinds of business operations, network statistics and events are critical to all kinds of operational analysis. For enterprises to gain operational insights into IT operations they must monitor and analyze network and application utilization and latency, geolocation data, and baselines over long periods of time. They must also be able to correlate this data with other business data, and set alerts when certain thresholds are exceeded.

This becomes easier with ELK, a popular open source software stack, as the platform aggregates statistics over long periods of time and can leverage cloud storage to amass terabytes of historical data. Users can create and customize ELK dashboards to view, analyze, and alert on statistics and study fluctuations in trends over time.

Chris Bloom, Technology Evangelist at Savvius, will demonstrate the value of using ELK to visualize network data and gain valuable insights that can help improve IT operations.

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