Today’s businesses are increasingly deploying software-defined architectures and virtualized solutions, from the data center to branch offices. Due to this digital transformation, “east-west” or machine-to-machine traffic is now accounting for a large portion of data center traffic. Traditional NPMD solutions struggle to provide the required visibility, creating blind spots for NetOps and jeopardizing overall business continuity. What are the key challenges involved in monitoring east-west traffic? How are these challenges being impacted by virtualization and software-defined networks? And how can next generation NPMD solutions help shed light on this traffic?

In this webinar, we cover:

  • The top digital transformation initiatives and their impact on east-west traffic.
  • How the recently introduced Omnipliance Virtual sheds light on these network blind spots.
  • Examples of Omnipliace Virtual use cases and deployment models so you can see NPMD in action.

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