Gaining Network Visibility Into Virtualized Environments

Today’s businesses are increasingly deploying software-defined architectures and virtualized solutions, from the data center to branch offices. Due to this digital transformation, “east-west” or machine-to-machine traffic is now accounting for a large portion of data center traffic. Traditional NPMD solutions struggle to provide the required visibility, creating blind spots for NetOps and jeopardizing overall business continuity. What are the key challenges involved in monitoring east-west traffic? How are these challenges being impacted by virtualization and software-defined networks? And how can next generation NPMD solutions help shed light on this traffic?

Omnipliance Virtual

Virtual version of Omnipliance Ultra leveraging 25 years of network analysis technology. Runs as a light-weight Virtual Machine (VM) in VMware ESXi and in KVM environments.

Global Price List

Global MSRP Price List. Effective August 23rd, 2018.

Best Practices For Omnipeek: OnDemand Webinar

If you are new to Omnipeek or an experienced pro, this OnDemand webinar is for you. Learn the best practices for Omnipeek, including the most used features and workflows. We’ll throw in a few tips and tricks, too.

The Role of Network Visibility in Financial Services

As financial services continue to embrace and tackle new digital initiatives, network visibility has never been more important. At Savvius, a LiveAction Company, we understand that keeping your network running tomorrow depends on getting the insights you need today. We offer the best packet- and flow-based solutions to help NetOps get complete visibility and mitigate risk.

Capturing Wired and Wireless Network Traffic from a Single Solution

Join this webinar to learn how Omnipliance Ultra gives you the power to acquire, monitor, and analyze both wired and wireless network traffic in a single solution, giving you full visibility into your network and enabling rapid resolution of network and application performance issues.