Simple Remote Packet Capture for End User Devices

Capture Assistant for OmniPeek is a lightweight utility for capturing packets remotely from end user desktops in order to reduce the need for onsite troubleshooting. Capture Assistant is easy to distribute, install, and execute. It enables non-technical users to capture local network traffic for analysis by Help Desk engineers and other IT professionals.

Capture Assistant for OmniPeek

By deploying Capture Assistant for OmniPeek throughout a support organization and its user base, an organization ensures that any user anywhere can capture network data for troubleshooting. Engineers no longer have to travel to a user's location simply to capture network data for troubleshooting.

Once launched, Capture Assistant for OmniPeek aggregates traffic from multiple wireless channels or wired segments into packet files. The end user then sends the capture files back to an authorized engineer, such as a Help Desk engineer, for analysis. Each capture file is encrypted with a unique key, enabling it to be opened only by the authorized engineer.

Capture Assistant

Learn about application performance monitoring and network monitoring with Capture Assistant for OmniPeek.

If users are reporting network anomalies, engineers can help Capture Assistant for OmniPeek to collect local data to identify issues that might not be apparent at other collection points on the network.

Capture Assistant makes it easy for users to contribute hard data and useful insights about trends and anomalies as part of network monitoring.

Network Monitoring with OmniPeek Compass

Capture Assistant for OmniPeek provides invaluable insight into how users are experiencing application performance. It provides packet-level details, enabling engineers to identify subtle or elusive problems that are affecting application performance and user productivity.

Help Desk

With Capture Assistant for OmniPeek, Help Desk staff can:

  • Discover the root cause of problems quickly
  • Reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR)
  • Eliminate guesswork about what end users are experiencing
  • Eliminate the need to travel to the end userís location for troubleshooting
  • Ensure that captured packets are secure from tampering or disclosure

Learn about network monitoring with Capture Assistant or get an overview of Capture Assistant for OmniPeek.

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