Omnipeek EnterpriseOmnipeek ProfessionalOmnipeek Connect
User Profile
Large company; Managed
Service Provider
SMB; Network Consultant
Distributed Analysis only; no local capture
Display Options
Compass Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Application Dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Voice and Video Dashboard Yes No No
Files View Yes No Yes
Packets Yes Yes Yes
Peer Map Yes Yes Yes
Graphs Yes Yes Yes
Local Captures Yes Yes No
Multiple Adapters Yes Yes No
Multi-Segment Analysis Yes No Yes
Capture Assistant for Omnipeek Yes No No
TCP Dump Yes Yes No
Remote Engine Connections UnlimitedLimited to two simultaneous connections Unlimited
Filters and Alarms Yes Yes Yes
Wirelessa, b, g, n, aca, b, g, n, aca, b, g, n, ac
Voice Over IP; Call Data Record Yes No No
Video Over IP Yes No No
MPLS and VLAN Yes Yes Yes
Import Events from Snort and Suricata Yes No Yes
Expert Flow Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Web Traffic Analysis Yes No Yes
Local File Analysis Yes Yes Yes
WARRANTY AND Maintenance
Warranty90 days90 days90 days
Maintenance and Enhanced SupportProduct updates support by email and phoneProduct updates support by email and phoneProduct updates support by email and phone