Remote Office Networks

Savvius Insight extends visibility in large corporate networks to areas with lower utilization, by providing cost-effective, 24x7 monitoring and remote troubleshooting.
Remote Office Networks

In distributed corporate networks, Savvius Insight complements Savvius Omnipliances in areas of the network with lower utilization, where a lack of economical solutions has limited visibility up until now. In these situations, Savvius Insight can be deployed for 24x7 monitoring of the health of remote networks with its powerful, customizable, and easy to use web-based dashboards. When you connect Savvius Insight it immediately begins collecting network statistics for long-term reporting and trending. Alarms are easily set so you are notified the instant problems start.

Long-term reporting with Savvius Insight

When problems are identified, simply point your web browser at the real-time monitoring dashboards. Searching for and analyzing data is extremely easy using these built-in dashboards. If even more detailed analysis is required, network engineers can remotely connect to Savvius Insight with Omnipeek to perform immediate root-cause analysis.

Savvius Insight can also be used together with Savvius Omnipliances to perform multi-segment analysis – following a specific network flow from one hop to the next. With Savvius Insight in place you get precise network latency measurements on the network between your data center and your remote offices. This information can be critical in answering whether problems are due to network or application issues, or in determining whether your contracted Internet provider is meeting your SLA.

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