High-speed Solutions

Networks are faster than ever. Sales of 10G and 40G network ports are brisk. IT organizations are investing in faster networks to accommodate higher demands for bandwidth, driven in part by dramatic growth in the number of end user devices and the surging popularity of rich media content such as video.
High-Speed Network Solutions

Fast networks bring obvious benefits for performance, but they bring challenges, too. Most traditional network monitoring tools simply can't keep up with network traffic faster than about 5Gbps. When these tools try to record 10 Gbps or faster traffic, they drop packets and skew metrics. IT engineers who rely on these tools end up working from incomplete and erroneous data as they try to analyze and troubleshoot critical networks.


Savvius Omnipliance network recorder and analysis solutions deliver the fastest, most reliable packet capture solutions available anywhere for high-speed networks.

Omnipliance T300

The Omnipliance T300 appliance has been certified by testing firm Miercom to reliably capture, record, and analyze traffic at speeds up to 25 Gbps. Omnipliance T300 records network traffic at a sustained rate of up to 25 Gbps with zero packet loss and can deliver full line-rate packet capture on 10G networks.

Intuitive workflows and powerful analytical tools then make troubleshooting problems and investigating security incidents easier than ever.

Omnipliance T300 offers organizations comprehensive and accurate network recording for continuous traffic capture on network segments up to 40G. Our hands-on testing has validated that Omnipliance T300 is best price/performance network analysis and recorder appliance currently available on the market.

--Robert Smithers, CEO
Omnipliance WiFi

Omnipliance WiFi

Omnipliance WiFi is the only WLAN analysis and recorder solution that enables network engineers to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot full Gigabit-speed 802.11ac WLANs. The 802.11ac protocol enables WLANs to run at speeds approaching 7 Gbps--far beyond the bandwidth available to the 433 Mbps network adapters that administrators have traditionally used to capture WLAN traffic.

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