Application Performance

Today, an organization's performance depends on application performance. Applications need to be running quickly and continuously to support employees, customers, and partners. Delays and outage cost money and erode trust.
Application Performance

Are your applications ready to serve their users?

When applications perform slowly—when connections are dropped or transactions hang—it can be difficult to track down the root cause. Today's applications are complex, often multi-tiered, and they may call multiple other applications or services, including services running in remote data centers.

Omnipeek Application Performance Dashboard

Application developers might point at the network; network administrators might point at the application. Who's right? And how can the problem be fixed as quickly as possible?

Savvius solutions help IT organizations measure and understand application performance, so they can fix problems and fine tune applications for the best possible performance.

By providing detailed, packet-level analysis, along with Expert analysis, graphical views, and intuitive workflows, Savvius solutions enable all stake-holders--from network administrators to NOC managers to application developers--to monitor, analyze, and understand application performance better than ever before.

Measure Performance
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