Savvius Products

Savvius products combine intelligent analysis, intuitive workflows, and continuous data collection to empower network and security professionals to visualize, troubleshoot, and analyze the networks that organizations depend on.
Savvius Products
Attention To Detail

Details matter. Savvius products provide detailed packet-level analysis, insightful dashboards, and powerful filtering and comparison tools. Our solutions enable NOC teams, security teams, network administrators, and field technicians to get the critical analysis they need to keep networks running optimally and securely.

Savvius helps close the visibility gap in network analysis.

A visibility gap occurs when security teams can no longer analyze critical events that occurred days, weeks, or months ago, leaving security attacks free to operate in the dark.

It also exists when new, high-speed networks leave traditional analysis tools and techniques dropping packets and skewing metrics. In too many organizations, visibility declines as network speed increases. Savvius closes the gap by providing network analysis products built for speed.

Savvius. Know Your Network.

Network Traffic

Learn about Savvius products for Network Monitoring, Application Performance, and Security.

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