Email campaigns can be a great way to keep your customers engaged with Savvius. Below is a checklist to ensure your campaigns are successful as well as some topics to get you started, complete with all the assets you need!

Email campaign checklist:

Be sure the email includes

✅ Your contact info

✅ Your logo

✅ CTA (call-to-action) via hyperlink or button

Email Campaign Best Practices

✅ Pace emails – send an email every week or two

✅ Track results: opens and clicks (We would love to see your results –

✅ Follow up with a phone campaign

Omnipliance Portable

Network Road Warriors: The Power of the Omnipliance Portable. Savvius puts the power of a Savvius Omnipliance in a compact carry case!

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Online Gambling

Gambling organizations know depend on their ability to offer customers the most secure and reliable online environment possible.

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Packet-Based Analytics

By deploying packet-based analytics tools to complement NetFlow, IT professionals gain deeper insight into network and application issues.

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