The Network That Matters

Savvius sets the standard for real-time, actionable network visibility with powerful software and appliance products relied on by leading enterprises around the globe. Savvius solutions provide the unparalleled visibility into network traffic needed to rapidly and thoroughly resolve application and network performance issues. Savvius products are trusted by network professionals at over 6,000 companies in 60 countries around the world.

Are Network Blind Spots Derailing Your Digital Transformation Train?

When dealing with digital transformation initiatives, having visibility into IT infrastructure should be a requirement, not a choice. Unfortunately, many of today’s CIOs find themselves outside their comfort zone, lacking the visibility they need to make the day-to-day decisions that keep their business running and transforming smoothly.

Network Function Virtualization: New Complexities, New Blind Spots, and How to Overcome Them

Virtualization is a great example of a technology that’s being used in the data center to improve operational efficiency. After the early waves of virtualization in compute and storage, attention is now being paid to network virtualization. Network Function Virtualization (NFV) puts traditional network services into software that runs on commoditized hardware machines.

The Essential Tools to Support Digital Transformation

APMdigest asked experts from across the IT industry — from analysts and consultants to users and the top vendors — for their opinions on the essential tools to support digital transformation. Part 2 covers the network and the cloud.