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Savvius Announces OmniPeek 9.0; Leading Network Analytics and Troubleshooting Solution Now Application Aware

New application dashboard, better analytics performance, PTP support, and more in new release of popular network analytics software suite.

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., April 28, 2015 – Savvius, the leader in packet-level network forensics, today announced a new release of the company's OmniPeek software suite to be available next month. All versions of OmniPeek 9.0 add a number of new capabilities including improved application awareness, geographical identification of network nodes, and significant updates to protocol decodes. The OmniPeek 9.0 capture engine running on an Omnipliance now supports PTP packet time synchronization and enhanced analytics performance.

OmniPeek 9.0 features application awareness built on Deep Packet Inspection technology licensed from Procera Networks. OmniPeek 9.0 includes an instance of Procera's Network Application Visibility Library to power a new application dashboard and provide real-time, layer 7 classification of network packets to rapidly identify mobile, social network, file sharing, and web applications.

OmniPeek 9.0's intuitive application dashboard goes beyond simply displaying ports and protocols, instead providing network professionals a clear understanding of applications running on the network. Both summary and per-application statistics are visible during real-time packet analysis or forensically in an application-centric view.

"Every new initiative and trend in business, from cloud to BYOD to the IoT, depends on networks to provide high levels of performance and stability while simultaneously putting them under increased strain," says Jay Botelho, director of product management, Savvius. "This situation makes great tools for network capture, analytics, forensics, and troubleshooting absolutely essential. That's where OmniPeek and Omnipliances come in. OmniPeek 9.0 is a major new release, advancing capabilities and performance of Omnipliances and OmniPeek."

"Organizations including Apple, Cisco, and Microsoft use Savvius OmniPeek to quickly track down and solve network issues," said Larry Zulch, president, Savvius, "We provide our customers with the tools they need to maintain their network and application performance."

OmniPeek 9.0 will be available in May 2015. For more information, visit

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Savvius, Inc., a leader in packet-level network analytics and security forensics, enables network and security professionals to identify, understand, and respond to challenges in network performance and security. Savvius, formerly WildPackets, has sold products in more than 60 countries and all industrial sectors. Customers include Apple, Boeing, Cisco, Deutsche Telecom, Fidelity, Microsoft, Nationwide, and a high percentage of the Fortune 1000. Savvius is a Cisco Solution Partner. For more information, visit

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