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2016 Press Coverage

  • Traffic tools enable St. Luke’s to find network bottlenecks
    When St. Luke’s University Health Network migrated to a new data center in 2011, it also started implementing technology from security vendor Savvius to improve the troubleshooting of its information systems. Before using those capabilities, its hospitals didn’t know if a network or information system was having trouble until it manifested with slow response times, typically indicated by phone calls from users to the information technology department for the system, based in Bethlehem, Pa., and operating seven hospitals and a network of 300 physicians.
    Health Data Management - December 16th 2016
  • 2017 Application Performance Management Predictions - Part 2
    PMdigest's 2017 Application Performance Management Predictions is a forecast by the top minds in APM today. Industry experts — from analysts and consultants to users and the top vendors — offer thoughtful, insightful, and often controversial predictions on how APM and related technologies will evolve and impact business in 2017. Part 2 covers the expanding scope of Application Performance Management (APM) and Network Performance Management (NPM).
    APM Digest - December 14th 2016
  • Gazing ahead: Security predictions, Part 6
    As more IT infrastructure transitions to become cloud-based and accessible from anywhere, hackers will focus on targeting browsers as the weak point. Browsers are essentially the operating system today, no matter whether you are using Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Employees spend most of their time in the browser, talking on Hangouts, drafting documents on Google Docs, and using multiple plug-ins. It's a very large attack surface that hasn't been fully used by hackers, but that is about to change. And once hackers find a vulnerability within a browser, they'll have access to everybody who uses Chrome as their browser, regardless of OS. This will be a nightmare for IT security professionals, unless they are using incredibly sophisticated analytics tools.
    SC Media - December 13th 2016
  • Savvius looks to help security teams with forensic investigations
    Savvius, Inc. is looking to broaden its user base for OmniPeek 10, the company’s latest major update to its software for network performance diagnostics and troubleshooting, by appealing to security teams with features to help with their investigations.
    IT World Canada - November 1st 2016
  • Forensic Focus
    Tom Rowley of Savvius explains how post-breach forensics can play a vital role in regaining the upper hand against cyber criminals.
    Data Centre News - November 1st 2016
  • Five simple steps to reduce the impact of cyber security breaches
    It feels like almost every day we’re confronted by news of yet another high-profile breach, resulting in millions in damage and bruised reputations and there are many small breaches that we even don’t hear about.
    ITProPortal - July 26th 2016
  • Q&A: Dealing with complacency in network security
    As security breaches continue to dominate headlines, businesses of all sizes and in all industries simply cannot afford to underestimate the importance of network security.
    ITProPortal - July 25th 2016
  • New products of the week 7.25.16
    Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Acronis Networks and Savvius.
    Network World - July 25th 2016
  • How 802.11ac Wave 2 Complicates WiFi Troubleshooting
    For all intents and purposes, 802.11ac has been a great success. Since its approval by the IEEE nearly two years ago, the WiFi standard has introduced thousands of compatible routers, laptops, mobile phones, IoT devices and other wireless gadgets operating at blazing speeds in the 5 GHz band. And the revolution has just begun.
    Network Computing - July 22nd 2016
  • Examining the scene of the (cyber) crime with network forensics
    Enterprise security teams have historically spent most of their time, human resources, and money on defences like firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to protect and monitor the security of their networks. However, a quick look at the news will tell you that these barriers are far from foolproof. With breaches becoming more common (and costly), enterprise teams are turning to tools that help them respond quickly to security incidents as soon as the attack has been discovered. Network forensics looks at information such as log data, network flow, and packet data to answer the question ‘how did the attackers get in?’
    ITProPortal - July 11th 2016
  • What security pros can learn from the networking team
    You might find dealing with the networking side frustrating—but they have a lot to teach you.
    Network World - July 1st 2016
  • Peek Into Your Wireless LANs
    Troubleshooting wireless LANs need not be expensive nor overly complicated, and yet trying to isolate problems without the right tools can make it so. If this is your challenge, consider a Wi-Fi adapter from Savvius.
    No Jitter - June 17th 2016
  • Cyberattack CSI: Forensics investigations should start with pre-attack analysis
    Enterprise security teams have historically spent a lot of time, human resources, and money on developing strong defenses such as firewalls and deploying equipment and software like intrusion detection systems (IDS) to monitor the security of their networks. In fact, most enterprises have built an impressive level of expertise when it comes to configuring and monitoring these tools.

    Nevertheless, as we all know, breach detection and prevention technologies are not foolproof. Given attackers’ success in penetrating standard corporate defenses, enterprise teams are looking beyond these well-known technologies and incorporating better tools and training that deal specifically with incident response once attacks have been discovered.

    TechBeacon - May 20th 2016
  • The LTE-U Vs. WiFi Debate
    If carriers use unlicensed spectrum, it may not be the WiFi disaster that some expect.

    LTE-U, an emerging technology that aims to reduce cell phone data congestion by offloading traffic onto unlicensed spectrum, has been a hot topic in the wireless world. Carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon are proponents of rolling out this technology while wireless companies and coalitions like the Wi-Fi Alliance worry that it will degrade WiFi performance. In fact, they have gone so far as to say that LTE-U would be disastrous. Is this just hype, or a valid concern? It may be too early to tell, but let’s look at what we know so far.

    Network Computing - May 12th 2016
  • Optimizing Network Security With Packet Intelligence
    Enterprise security teams devote an incredible amount of resources to monitoring and defending their networks. Everyone knows there are professional grade tools that can monitor networks 24×7 providing detailed information about usage as well as enabling the in-depth examination of captured traffic once an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) has identified an activity that needs to be investigated.
    LoveMyTool - May 9th 2016
  • The Value Of The Packet
    Networks are complex, and always changing. Trying to troubleshoot them – or find the cause of a breach – can be a huge undertaking, but this task can be made much easier if packet data is available. You can learn a tremendous amount from a single data packet. Just from the header you can determine who the sender and receiver are, the general characteristics of the communication – whether TCP (receipt acknowledgement requested), UDP (just make the best effort), or RTP (time-critical so resending just isn’t practical), and even a clue about the packet contents based on the port used to send the traffic, like Secure or Remote Shell (SSH or RSH), HTTP, and thousands of others.
    Network Computing - March 28th 2016
  • The top three network alerts you need to monitor. Hint: it’s all about utilisation
    Every network is different, but they all share similar challenges. For the engineers and IT managers tasked with monitoring, analysing and troubleshooting corporate networks, there are a multitude of alerts and alarms that can be triggered by abnormal activity.

    In the case of organisations with large, distributed networks and multiple local branches or smaller offices, it can be even more difficult to isolate and remedy problems from a remote location. Sending dedicated staff to troubleshoot at those offices is both time-consuming and costly.

    ITProPortal - March 15th 2016
  • Network Forensics at 40G and 100G Speeds
    The 40G and 100G market will generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue in the next few years according to a recent Infonetics market forecast (link is external). Growth in traffic, which some analysts (link is external) estimate will reach 50 to 60 percent annually, enables new opportunities but also puts enormous pressure on networks and creates new challenges.

    Network forensics is one of these new challenges. Although network forensics is most commonly associated with investigating security incidents and breaches, it is also very valuable for providing visibility into network activities, troubleshooting issues quickly and diagnosing common network problems such as connectivity, unexpected change in utilization, or poor VoIP call quality.

    APM Digest - February 23rd 2016
  • Packets still rule when it comes to useful network traffic analysis
    It seems obvious to say that network traffic is growing in volume and speed. And of course, it means that IT staff are always looking for faster ways to detect any problems that would interfere with the reliable movement of data, but simply monitoring traffic flow has proven to be insufficient.
    IT World Canada - February 4th 2016
  • Savvius OmniPeek 9.1 aims to accelerate time to resolution for network problems
    The latest version of Savvius' OmniPeek was designed to make it easier for network administrators and engineers to get more intuitive data visualizations and work toward a faster time to resolution for network issues.
    Fierce Enterprise Communications - February 3rd 2016

2015 Press Coverage

  • Metrics That Matter: 10 Key Insights Worth Monitoring for Remote Networks
    The network is the unsung hero of any business; transporting information — actually, business value — to and from every resource, application, and employee, functioning quietly and invisibly in the background. Until there is a problem, that is. Then the resource everyone takes for granted is a major problem, a topic of great interest. Avoiding becoming the subject of that kind of discussion is one reason why IT professionals spend so much effort ensuring their network is stable, high performing, and secure.
    APM Digest - December 10th 2015
  • Blueprint: Is Wi-Fi Innovation Slowing Down?
    Wi-Fi technology has improved our daily lives in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. We routinely connect to our own personal digital universe from the comfort of our living room, while sitting at a local coffee shop, or even from the passenger seat of a new car. Yet for all of the amazing progress Wi-Fi has made over the years, are we witnessing the end of rapid WLAN innovation? Have we reached a point where ‘fast’ is fast enough? After all, it seems to take longer for organizations and even consumers to embrace each new iteration of this ubiquitous wireless standard.
    Converge Network Digest - December 3rd 2015
  • Savvius Brings Affordable Network Analysis to SMBs
    Savvius, the packet-level network analytics and forensics solutions vendor formerly known as Wild Packets, this week announced a mini network appliance with Splunk integration that allows network administrators and IT consultants to gather network performance and security intelligence from any location.
    No Jitter - October 16th 2015
  • Mandana Javaheri, Chief Technology Officer at Savvius Inc.
    Ensure that Savvius continues to have the best technology offering in a dynamically-evolving highly-competitive space. Effectively hold, develop, articulate, and continually evolve the company’s strategic technical direction. Bring the proper balance between business and technology strategy.
    San Francisco Buisiness Times - People on the Move - October 14th 2015
  • Performance monitoring and troubleshooting of smaller networks can be managed with mini network appliance
    Savvius, Inc., designed to maintain network performance and enhance security incident investigations, has launched Savvius Insight™, a mini network appliance that aims to deliver vital network performance and security information
    M2M Now - October 14th 2015
  • Savvius Introduces Savvius Insight
    Savvius announced Savvius Insight, a mini network appliance that delivers vital network performance and security information.
    APM Digest - October 13th 2015
  • Savvius and Lancope team up for unique security system
    Lancope will integrate Savvius Vigil into its StealthWatch system. Savvius, which specialises in packet-level network analytics, claims Vigil is the industry’s first security appliance capable of automatically storing months of network packet events. It says this enables companies to have more than just log data without the associated costs of storing terabytes or even petabytes of packets.
    Networking Plus - October 9th 2015
  • Savvius™ Integrates Lancope StealthWatch® System with Savvius Vigil™ for Post-Breach Security Forensics
    WALNUT CREEK, CA – October 7, 2015 – Savvius, Inc., a leader in packet-level network analytics and post-breach security forensics, today announced a technology partnership with Lancope, a leader in network visibility and security intelligence. The company will integrate Savvius Vigil™, the industry’s first security appliance capable of automatically storing months of network packet data to enhance data breach investigations, with Lancope’s StealthWatch® System.
    Dark reading - October 9th 2015
  • Spotlight: Savvius, Lancope integrate security tools to combat network security threats
    Savvius and Lancope announced Wednesday that they are forming a partnership to integrate their existing security tools for investigating and mitigating advanced persistent threats, insider attacks and other critical security threats. Lancope's StealthWatch network visibility system and Savvius's Vigil post-breach forensics tool will be integrated to detect suspicious network activity and record packet data relevant to a security incident.
    Fierce IT Security - October 8th 2015
  • Savvius(TM) Integrates Lancope StealthWatch(R) System With Savvius Vigil(TM) for Post-Breach Security Forensics
    WALNUT CREEK, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 10/07/15 -- Savvius, Inc., a leader in packet-level network analytics and post-breach security forensics, today announced a technology partnership with Lancope, a leader in network visibility and security intelligence. The company will integrate Savvius Vigil™, the industry's first security appliance capable of automatically storing months of network packet data to enhance data breach investigations, with Lancope's StealthWatch® System.
    Vitrual Strategy Magazine - October 7th 2015
  • Savvius: Network Forensics in Overdrive
    Insider Surveillance takes a trip with Savvius, where real-time packet capture, decryption and analysis power the timeliness and value of evidence and intelligence.
    Insider Surveillance - August 28th 2015
  • ISE Ecosystem Expands to Drive Deeper Visibility and Control with Cisco Identity Services Engine
    In one of my previous posts, I noted how Network Access Control (NAC) platforms have started evolving into more visibility-focused and context-aware platforms in the face of major business trends such as enterprise mobility, the migration of resources to the cloud, and the ubiquitous Internet of Everything. Consequently, "new NAC" technology has quietly transformed from a complicated set of controls – outdated in a more mobile world – into a powerful business enabler for enterprises.
    Cisco BLogs - June 8th 2015
  • Savvius Selects Procera Networks for Network Traffic Visibility and Napatech for Performance Acceleration
    FREMONT, Calif., May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Procera Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PKT), the global Subscriber Experience company, today announced that its Network Application Visibility Library (NAVL) has been selected by Savvius, a leading provider of network analytics and performance solutions, to deliver real-time, application-aware network capture and analysis for the latest versions of its Omnipliance hardware and OmniPeek software solutions. Savvius leverages technology from the world's leading supplier of accelerators for network management and security, Napatech, to provide sustained capture rate with zero packet loss and minimize performance impact from sophisticated real-time analytics such as NAVL.
    PR Newswire - May 5th 2015
  • Savvius Announces OmniPeek 9.0
    Savvius announced a new release of the company's OmniPeek software suite to be available next month. All versions of OmniPeek 9.0 add a number of new capabilities including improved application awareness, geographical identification of network nodes, and significant updates to protocol decodes. The OmniPeek 9.0 capture engine running on an Omnipliance now supports PTP packet time synchronization and enhanced analytics performance.
    APM Digest - April 28th 2015
  • Podcast: Exposed Drivers, Shadowy Domains and Network Forensics with WildPackets
    In Episode 16 of the Cybercrime and Business Podcast, HackSurfer writers and SurfWatch Labs data analysts run through the week's top headlines including the recent breach at Uber, hijacked GoDaddy accounts used for "domain shadowing," and the Angler Exploit Kit being declared as the winner, at least by some researchers, in the battle of what will replace the previous king, the Blackhole Exploit Kit.
    Hack Surfer - March 9th 2015
  • Network Forensics Separate Signal From Noise
    Identifying data breaches in progress and distinguishing false positives from real security attacks requires effective network forensics software.
    Information Week - March 4th 2015
  • The Top Challenges for Network Engineers in 2015
    It doesn't look like network engineers are going to get much of a rest in 2015; instead, their job is growing more difficult each day as an increasing number of complex tasks lands on their desks. From static budgets to higher bandwidth demand to constant and evolving security threats, network engineers have their work cut out for them. Still, solutions do exist that can help lighten the load for these IT professionals. With that in mind, here's a list of some of the high-priority obstacles engineers will face in this year and the products that can help them meet those challenges, from Jay Botelho, director of product management at WildPackets, Inc.
    IT Business Edge - February 19th 2015
  • 18 Ways to Ensure Application Performance Before Rollout - Part 1
    Ensuring application performance is not just about IT operations. Prior to app rollout, the role of development and DevOps teams, and even IT Operations, in preventing application performance problems cannot be underestimated.
    APM Digest - February 12th 2015
  • Channel Program Roundup: Net@Work, Global eTraining, WildPackets
    Howdy roundup rangers, and welcome to this week’s edition of Channel Partner Program Roundup. We’ve got the latest news from our friends at Net@Work, Global eTraining and WildPackets, so buckle up and let’s get started.
    The VAR Guy - February 5th 2015
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