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Contingency planning: From mundane to outlandish

Contingency planning is advisable for every business. It helps you identify your vulnerabilities and perhaps facilitates the development of strategies and tactics for dealing with what might otherwise be unforeseen events which can damage or even destroy your business.

Optimised Connectivity

In an evolving industry with heavier data demands network performance is more important than ever.

Using Packet-based NPMD Tools to Prepare for GDPR Breach Reporting

The new GDPR regulations present a number of challenges to the IT and security teams of any enterprise doing business in the EU. One challenge that will be particularly difficult to meet is the need to quickly notify regulatory authorities of a data breach.

5 tips for managing UC applications

We’ve all experienced web pages that load slowly or time out. But what’s even more annoying is a laggy or choppy VoIP call or live video stream. After decades of improved network technologies, ever-increasing bandwidth and speeds, why are we still having problems, and what should network engineers do about it?

Savvius hires Mark Kirwan

Networking outfit Savvius has hired Mark Kirwan to lead UK and European sales out of a new regional headquarters office in London.

Savvius opens EMEA office in London, names head

Savvius has named Mark Kirwan as head of UK and European sales in a new regional headquarters office in London. The 25-year-old vendor is looking for the next phase of growth in the network performance monitoring and diagnostics space.

Savvius Spotlight

Savvius says its new Spotlight application provides visibility into the specific information needed to significantly reduce MTTR of network issues.

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