Omnipeek 9.2 is now available! This new version includes several features and updates designed to make network analysis, monitoring and troubleshooting even more effective.

Here are four of the most significant updates:

1. Multi-byte character support in packet decoding. Omnipeek now supports decoding and displaying packets using multi-byte characters commonly found in Asian languages such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

2. Native QoS analysis support. The use of voice and video content over enterprise networks means that the ability to analyze Quality of Service settings on network traffic is more important than ever. This feature extracts differentiated service information from captured IPv4 packets and displays corresponding statistics in the Summary tab in Omnipeek and in optional graphs. Packets are categorized into specific classes based on this information, and those classes are then used to manage and classify network traffic. Users familiar with previous versions of Omnipeek will know that this could be performed using a plug-in, but this is now a native part of v9.2.

3. Support for notifications via authenticated email systems. Our alert emails are now authenticated. Omnipeek can give you alerts in several different ways, one of which is email notifications. These notifications now include email systems that require authentication. This will increase security and take care of any legacy problems with alert emails being rejected by email clients.

4. Additional support for time stamping. Pin-point accuracy is vital in network analysis, and there is nothing more accurate than packets timestamped directly by the packet broker. Omnipeek already supports time stamping by vendors such as Gigamon and Ixia, and in Omnipeek 9.2 we have added support for packet timestamping by Arista Networks products. Now all of our customers with Arista appliances can enjoy this improved accuracy.

Find out more about what’s new in Omnipeek 9.2 and other Savvius products, here. If you’re a current Omnipeek user with a maintenance contract, you can upgrade to v9.2 any time at no additional charge. Users will be prompted to upgrade to v9.2 the next time Omnipeek starts, but upgrades can also be done manually by visiting the customer portal here. If you have any questions about the new features in Omnipeek 9.2, please feel free to email us directly at