Today we announced a major upgrade to OmniPeek®, our best-in-class suite of network and application monitoring and analytics software.

Version 9.1 of OmniPeek includes a number of new features and performance enhancements designed specifically to offer network managers and engineers more intuitive data visualization and faster time to resolution for network issues.

Key Features:

  • Real Time Visibility of Network Performance on Compass Dashboard
    • Interactive Real Time Analysis: Immediately identify areas of interest for investigation with interactive real time network statistics such as utilization and latency over a specified time frame.
    • Faster Forensic Searches: Users will save time and bandwidth by conducting forensic searches and viewing the results in the compass dashboard directly on the appliance without having to download the files to a local machine.
  • Isolate Relevant Traffic Through Geo-Location Identification
    • Analyze Based on Location: Quickly identify useful packets with the “Select Related Packets” features based on the city or country of interest.
    • Enhanced Reporting and Planning: Easily run accurate reports and do capacity planning by isolating traffic between locations.
    • Strengthen Security: Instantly know of and investigate possible unwanted access to your network originating from any country of interest.

Compass Screen Shot

Additional Features:

  • Data Loss Prevention with RAID 6
    • Data Assurance: Ensure against data loss with up to two concurrent drive failures with the option to configure an Omnipliance to RAID 6 either in the field or upon initial order.
  • Improved Support for Tunneled Protocols
    • Gain Visibility: Identify and conduct deep-packet-inspection on the full decodes of tunneled protocols such as Cisco Fabricpath, ICAP and CAPWAP.
  • Flexibility in Appliance Management
    • Collaborate with Others: Avoid redundancy and boost collaboration with the ability to see all the users who are currently connected to a Capture Engine.
    • Secure the Environment: Attain a superior level of security by using ACL policies to determine which users are able to download packet files.
  • Search and Filter Enhancements
    • Find the Packets: Efficiently find specific packets by writing filters or searches that find values within a payload without having to know the length of the header.

OmniPeek provides a powerful visualization of network conditions to enable in-depth analysis of traffic from multiple network segments to pinpoint problems in real time. To learn more contact Savvius at (925) 937-3200,  or request a complimentary 10-day evaluation of OmniPeek 9.1.

OmniPeek 9.1 will be available on February 12, 2016. For notifications, subscribe to the Savvius blog.