Savvius Insight is a mini appliance that provides network visibility for remote office networks, managed service providers, and small business. With Elk pre-installed and configured on Insight, users are able to visualize and monitor many aspects of network and application performance through customized dashboards. Among other things, this makes it a great platform for many of the extensions available for ELK. One very useful ELK extension that is a total no-brainer for Savvius Insight is called TopBeat. The description is straight from the elastic website, “Topbeat helps you monitor the availability of your website or service by providing system-wide and per-process statistics along with a disk usage overview”.

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In this case, installing TopBeat onto Savvius Insight allows you to monitor the vitals of the device itself using the same dashboards that are used to monitor the network. Topbeat is developed and supported by with good documentation on installation and configuration, so we will just refer you to that:

Important: Before installing any new software on Savvius Insight, be sure to enable Persist.  Instructions for doing this can be found here in the section on Persist:

Written By: Chris Bloom

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